From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshutshut1 /ʃʌt/ ●●● S1 W2 verb (past tense and past participle shut, present participle shutting) 1 [intransitive, transitive]SHUT/CLOSE to close something, or to become closed Shut the window, Ellen! I heard his bedroom door shut. She lay down on her bed and shut her eyes.shut (something) behind somebody She walked quickly in and shut the door behind her. He shut the drawer and turned the key.see thesaurus at close2 shut your mouth/face/trap!3 [intransitive, transitive] British EnglishSHUT/CLOSE to stop being open to the public for a short time or permanently SYN close The post office shuts at 5 o'clock. At midday we shut the shop for lunch. He lost his job when they shut the factory.4 shut your eyes/ears to something5 shut something in the door/drawer etc shut somebody/something ↔ away shut down shut somebody in (something) shut off shut out shut up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shutThis time the car stopped and a door banged shut.Did you hear the back door shut?Then I clamped my mouth shut again.I remember this and smile, clamping my mouth shut as Wiggen goes into action.With a small exclamation she snapped the book shut, but before she could get to her feet Marc glanced up.Hundreds of miners ringed the Port of Mobile and shut down the whole port.She lay down on the bed and shut her eyes.But on game day, security shut that down.He shut the door behind him as quietly as possible.Come in and shut the door behind you.Someone had shut the gate to stop the sheep getting out onto the road.You'd better shut the window.She heard Charlotte downstairs shutting the windows, and locking up for the night.Shut up, shut up, shut up.shut ... eyesShe waited, shutting her eyes and shivering as the light waned.
shutshut2 ●●● S3 adjective [not before noun] 1 SHUT/CLOSEnot open SYN closed Is the door shut properly? She kept the windows shut, for fear of burglars. He sat with his eyes shut. The windows were tightly shut.slam/bang/swing etc shut The door slammed shut behind him.pull/kick/slam etc something shut Jenny pulled the window shut. keep your mouth shut at mouth1(2)2 British EnglishSHUT/CLOSE if a shop, bar etc is shut, it is not open for business SYN closed in the evening when the shops are shut Sorry, but we’re shut.shut for The first four hotels we tried were shut for the winter.COLLOCATIONSadverbstightly/tight shutHe went on sobbing, his eyes tight shut.firmly shutThe door remained firmly shut.verbssomething slams/bangs shutThe front door slammed shut.something swings shutThe gate swung shut behind her.pull/kick/slam something shutHe pulled the trapdoor shut over his head.keep something shutWhen it’s so hot, we keep the doors and windows shut and put on the air conditioner.screw/squeeze your eyes shut (=shut your eyes tight)
Examples from the Corpus
shutHe sat with his eyes tightly shut.I heard a car pull up in front of the apartment and heard the door slam shut.The door slammed shut and he bolted it.Then the door slammed shut and next moment she was asleep.The doors slammed shut and the grey van drove off towards the exit, rejoining the northward rush of motorway traffic.She was snapped out of her reverie as the door clicked shut and the secretary left them alone again.Cameron was staring at the shut door.Her eyes kept flickering shut, though, and they finally stayed closed as she gently snoozed.She gives this a silken hinge and attaches gravel to its underside so that it will fall shut under its own weight.door shutHe tossed the tripod in after it and banged the doors shut.I said, slamming the door shut.She slammed a mental door shut on the harrowing thought.He spent all his time in his office with the door shut, pushing paper.Dragging the door shut, she made her way towards the stairs.He kicked the door shut, then reached past her and took a glass from the cup board.Even the doors shut with a private hissing sound.
From King Business Dictionaryshutshut /ʃʌt/ verb (past tense and past participle shut, present participle shutting) [intransitive, transitive]1 (also shut down)COMMERCE if a company, factory etc shuts or is shut, it stops operating permanentlySYNCLOSE DOWNThe steel company plans to shut two of its factories.The airline shut down at midnight on Friday.Regulators were threatening to shut the bank down.2COMMERCEif a shop or business shuts or is shut, it stops operating at the end of the working day or for the weekend etcSYNCLOSEWe shut at 5.30.Do you shut the shop for lunch? shut →down→ See Verb tableOrigin shut1 Old English scyttan