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shrineshrine /ʃraɪn/ noun [countable] 1 RRa place that is connected with a holy event or holy person, and that people visit to prayshrine of/to his pilgrimage to the shrine of St John2 VISITa place that people visit and respect because it is connected with a famous person or event Elvis’ home has become a shrine for his fans.shrine to The museum is a shrine to the great Spanish artist.
Examples from the Corpus
shrineHope then built a beautiful shrine at the other end of the village.Both shrines flourish today and co-operate ecumenically.the Lenin shrine in Moscowa Shinto shrineIn the same fashion, they also brought down the Shinto shrine.You were more interested in having us bow before the shrine than teaching students.Kalchu took off his shoes and went into the shrine.Various offerings of Sake, branches and salt were made to the shrine that had been established on the site.To me, this voyage was something much more-it was a pilgrimage to the shrine of my philosophy.shrine of/toSome fifty centres of the cult of the Magdalen also contain shrines to the Black Virgin.Q: Indeed, it seems St Joseph's has become a holy shrine to many.In the west of Ireland a small roadside shrine to the Virgin Mary stands almost alongside an equally modest stone circle.They opened fire on pilgrims at the shrine of Amarnath, southeast of Srinagar.Paramat stood by the doorway with the attitude of a tourist at the shrine of an exotic religious sect.Worship at the shrine of beauty is a distraction from true worship.To me, this voyage was something much more-it was a pilgrimage to the shrine of my philosophy.
Origin shrine Old English scrin, from Latin scrinium case, box