show of hands

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show of handsˌshow of ˈhands noun [singular] PPVVOTE/ELECTa vote taken by counting the raised hands of the people at a meeting The dispute was settled with a show of hands.
Examples from the Corpus
show of handsThe citizens present decided by a show of hands what should be done.But after the vote on Mr Craxi, parliamentary leaders agreed to take all such decisions by a show of hands.Votes are taken anonymously, as is the continental tradition, by a show of hands.Let's have a show of hands.Have a show of hands of those who think you can do it.Instead of a show of hands, we have electronic polls.Democrats choose with a show of hands, a sign-in sheet or dividing into groups for each candidate.The voting shall be by show of hands, or otherwise as the Executive Committee may determine. 9.
From King Business Dictionaryshow of handsˌshow of ˈhands noun [singular] a vote taken by counting the raised hands of people at a meetingThe resolution was passed on a show of hands.