From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoutshout1 /ʃaʊt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]SHOUT to say something very loudlyscream, yell There’s no need to shout! I can hear you!shout at I wish you’d stop shouting at the children.shout for We could hear them shouting for help. ‘Watch out!’ she shouted, as the car started to move.shout something at somebody He was shouting insults at the lorry driver.shout something to somebody ‘He’s down here!’ she shouted to Alison.2 shout in pain/anger/frustration etc3 shout something from the rooftops4 [intransitive] to write in capital letters in an email, which makes it look as if the writer is angryCOLLOCATIONSnounsshout abuse/insultsHe was surrounded by a group of boys who shouted abuse at him.shout obscenitiesThey came to his apartment, shouting obscenities and threatening him.shout slogansThey were carrying placards and shouting slogans.shout ordersThe lieutenant was shouting orders at the workmen.shout somebody’s nameThen she heard Ferdinando shout her name.shout a warningThe man had shouted a warning to other passengers just before the blast.shout for helpI opened my mouth to shout for help.adverbsshout something angrily‘Don’t touch me!’ he shouted angrily.shout something loudlyHe hears the voice of his downstairs neighbor shouting loudly.phrasesshout yourself hoarse (=shout until your throat is sore)Matthew shouted himself hoarse until he was discovered.shout of the top of your voice (=shout as loudly as possible)'Watch out!' he shouted at the top of his voice.scream and shoutPeople were screaming and shouting in the streets. GRAMMAR: Prepositions with shoutYou shout at someone when you are angry with them: My teacher never shouts at us.You shout to someone when you want them to hear you: He shouted to me to throw down the rope.You shout for something that you want: They shouted for the driver to stop.THESAURUSshout to say something very loudlyThe two men were shouting angrily at each other.‘Wait for me!’ he shouted.yell (also holler American English) to shout very loudly, especially because you are angry, excited, or in pain. Yell is more informal than shoutThe children were yelling at each other across the street.‘Steve, are you there?’ Patti hollered up the (out) to shout in order to get someone’s attentionHe called her name but she didn’t hear him.‘Is anybody there?’ he called out.cry (out) written to shout something loudly, especially because you are in pain, frightened, or very excited‘I can’t move, ’ Lesley cried.He cried out in panic.‘Look what I’ve found!’ she cried.scream to shout in a very loud high voice, because you are frightened, unhappy, angry etcThe baby wouldn’t stop screaming.She screamed as she jumped into the cold water. ‘It’s my money!’ she screamed at him.roar written to shout in a loud deep voiceThe crowd roared their appreciation.‘Stop this nonsense!' he roared.bellow written to shout in a loud deep voice, especially when you want a lot of people to hear youHe was bellowing orders at the soldiers.bawl to shout in a loud and unpleasant way, because you are angry or unhappy‘What are you doing?’ he bawled.The kids were bawling in the back of the car.She was always bawling at the children.raise your voice to say something more loudly than normal, especially because you are angryI never heard my father raise his voice.cheer if a group of people cheer, they shout as a way of showing their approvalThe crowd cheered when the band came on stage. shout somebody ↔ down shout something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shout"Get out of the way!" she shouted.The companies that follow this principle often don't shout about it, but they are easy to recognise.They shouted and laughed like tourists, and called out greetings to Langford and Wall.One day we had just made camp when a local caste of herders came and began shouting and threatening us."Get out!" she shouted angrily.All those people shouting at each other.Fong turned to Soo and shouted at her in Swahili.They were shouting at her to get on with it.I wish you'd stop shouting at the childrenThese newcomers trotted through the streets-nobody seemed to walk anymore-waving papers, shouting at the top of their lungs.You don't need to shout. I'm standing right here.Linda leant out of the widow and shouted out my name.The drumming disoriented him, the darkness frightened him; he shouted out.The protesters marched through the streets, shouting slogans.There was so much noise from the engine that we had to shout to hear each other.shout atThe men shouted at them to stay away.
shoutshout2 ●●● W3 noun 1 [countable]SHOUT a loud call expressing anger, pain, excitement etcscream, yell a warning shoutshout of Tom gave a shout of laughter when he saw them. shouts of delight2 give somebody a shout3 a shout out to somebody4 somebody’s shout5 be in with a shout (of doing something)
Examples from the Corpus
shoutAt each round the Confederate artillerymen gave a shout, which seemed surprisingly near.He gave a shout of joy as he realised he'd won the race.Suffice it to say that the whisper eventually turned into a shout and the five-foot pile of dirt was reduced considerably.Lisa's voice rose to a shout.Just then Angie burst in with a shout of excitement.A shout made them look up.You swagger in here, into my lady's chamber, and shout allegations yet show no evidence.Dowd felt his master's hand on his neck, and heard shouts of horror on all sides.Just then Grant heard shouts and running feet from various parts of the house, converging on the sounds of gunfire.There were songs and testimonies, spontaneous sermons and exhortations, joyous shouts and prayers punctuated by sobs and tears.As we got near the stadium, we could hear the shouts of the crowd.The urgent shout had come in through his unlatched gate as he was about to take a sip of the broth.gave ... shoutAngel glanced round and gave a shout of warning.At each round the Confederate artillerymen gave a shout, which seemed surprisingly near.Suddenly the man called Barakai gave a shout, then charged.Melwas gave a shout, and swung his sword up for the kill.Mindy gave a little shout when her name was called.