Word family noun shop shopper shopping verb shop
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoppershop‧per /ˈʃɒpə $ ˈʃɑːpər/ ●●○ noun [countable] BUYsomeone who buys things in shops The streets were crowded with shoppers.see thesaurus at customer
Examples from the Corpus
shopperThe police fired teargas in the central shopping district to disperse the rioters, creating panic among shoppers.But much more of it is due to consumer-goods firms having encouraged shoppers to buy on price by bombarding them with special offers.The streets were crowded with holiday shoppers.Over the blare of a popular movie melody, a marketer invites shoppers to the vehicle.In fact, thrift-store regulars complain that mainstream shoppers have driven some prices up out of reach of the needy.And today a spider expert claimed the creature had to be caught for the sake of other shoppers.At Macy's Plaza, a pianist gracefully serenades shoppers and a fountain offers a soothing respite from the pounding sidewalks outside.Across the country, retailers are ringing up record amounts as Sunday shoppers pack their shops.
From King Business Dictionaryshoppershop‧per /ˈʃɒpəˈʃɑːpər/ noun [countable]1COMMERCEsomeone who buys things in shopsStore managers get blamed when shoppers can’t find a particular product. mystery shopper personal shopper2MARKETING in the US, a newspaper sold or given free to people in a particular area, that advertises stores, restaurants etc in that area