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shootingshoot‧ing /ˈʃuːtɪŋ/ ●●○ noun 1 [countable]KILL a situation in which someone is injured or killed by a gun His brother was killed in a shooting incident last year. the accidental shooting of a child2 [uncountable]DSO the sport of shooting animals and birds with guns the grouse shooting season The shooting party set off shortly before dawn.3 [uncountable] the process of taking photographs or making a film We had two weeks of rehearsals before shooting began.
Examples from the Corpus
shootingThe car had been hit only twice in nearly half a dozen shootings.Recent technological developments have enhanced the possibility of fatal shootings.Speedy, and with neat control, his shooting was accurate and his use of dead-ball situations intelligent and effective.There has been an alarming increase in the number of shootings on our streets.All hits against the chariot in hand-to-hand or shooting are randomly allocated as shown below.And the vets at Stroud hope they won't have to deal with any more victims of senseless shooting.Oswald was seen running away from the building just after the shooting.If the rabbits are to be shot then the man required to do the shooting must be freed from all other responsibilities.Ambulances rushed to the scene of the shooting.The police officer who saw the shooting is being treated for shock.In 1994,17,190 of the 23,720 homicides, 72 percent, were pegged to shootings.shooting partyThe next day there was a shooting party.He was dressed for an Edwardian shooting party in a full suit of tweed plus fours.There's no access here, mainly because of shooting parties from what I have seen.He is also very close to Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, and has attended other shooting parties on the estate.King Edward visited several times when shooting parties and other entertaining took place on a lavish scale.