From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshareshare1 /ʃeə $ ʃer/ ●●● S1 W1 verb 1 use together [intransitive, transitive]SHARE to have or use something with other people We don’t have enough books, so you’ll have to share. The three of us shared a taxi.share something with somebody I have an office that I share with some other teachers.2 let somebody use something [transitive]SHARE to let someone have or use something that belongs to you As a kid, he’d never share his toys.share something with somebody Will you share your fries with me?3 divide [transitive] (also share out)SHARE to divide something between two or more peopleshare something between/among somebody They shared the cake between them. On his death, his property was shared out between his children.see thesaurus at give4 responsibility/blame [transitive] to have equal responsibility for doing something, paying for something etc We share the responsibility for the children. I own the house, but we share the bills. We all share some of the blame for the accident.5 same [transitive]BOTH to have the same opinion, quality, or experience as someone elseshare somebody’s view/concern/belief etc Other parents share her belief in the importance of reading. I believe my view is widely shared.share something with somebody Stubbornness was a characteristic he shared with his mother. 6 tell somebody something [intransitive, transitive]TELL A SECRET to tell other people about an idea, secret, problem etc Students were able to share their experiences.share something with somebody Would you like to share your feelings with the group?7 share your life with somebody8 share and share alikeCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: to have the same opinion, quality, or experience as someone elsenounsshare a belief/opinionIt was clear that the police did not share her opinion.share a viewHe shared my view of what had been going on.share a feelingI know that many people do not share my feelings.share somebody’s values (=have the same ideas about what is right and wrong)The only way to change things is to elect politicians who share our values.share somebody’s concern/enthusiasm etc (=feel the same concern, enthusiasm etc as someone else)I share the concern of parents about the content of some of these computer games.adverbsbe widely shared (=shared by a lot of people)This view is now widely shared. share in something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shareThe relationship between music and the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing is widely shared.One thing united all three men - they shared a burning hatred of the political regime under which they lived.Everywhere I turned in the dorm, there were white faces, except for two black students who shared a room.You could share a taxi with me if you like.Very rarely has such experience been shared amongst a wider group of community partners.They share an interest in 16th century architecture.None of us are close friends but we all share an interest in sport.The rejoicing was not shared by the weary infantrymen who had just fought their way on to it.Learning to share is a difficult process for toddlers.We all share some of the blame for the accident.We can share the cost of gas for the ride.Judy and I shared the driving, so it wasn't too tiring.She shares the job with another woman who also has a young child.I have my own room, but we share the kitchen and bathroom.We pay rent separately, but we share the other bills.It's only fair that they should share the running costs of the car.My husband and my mother share the same birthday.The more freeway access there is, the less San Franciscans have to share their streets with out-of-towners.Sometimes this shared understanding may lead to more practical solutions.If you think it would help to share, we're here to listen.Everybody brings a dish to share with everyone else.I share your concern about this.share something with somebodyDo you mind sharing a room with Jenny?Sonia shared a very touching story with the group.You'll have to share your toys with your little brother.share ... responsibilityThe four students and the staff work out the running of the household between them and share the responsibilities.It is sometimes possible to arrange for both ministers to be at the ceremony, sharing the responsibility between them.If he does, the Attorney-General will share the responsibility for his crimes.Elers and Bayer will share the responsibilities of chief executive.widely sharedAlternately, the same participative emphasis may be irrelevant in an organization in which power is already widely shared.Helms' enthusiasm for Albright was widely shared.However foolish they had come to seem, his instincts had been widely shared.The relationship between music and the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing is widely shared.This is our economic argument: a path to personal enrichment from the fruits of economic progress more widely shared.This view is now widely shared.It may well be a belief which has been and still is, widely shared by top industrialists themselves.These four key elements are well developed and widely shared within the research communities of every natural and applied science.
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shareshare2 ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 in a company [countable]BFS one of the equal parts into which the ownership of a company is dividedshare in We’ve got shares in Allied Chemicals. stock1(2)2 part of something [singular]PART the part of something that you own or are responsible forshare of/in I gave them my share of the bill and left. a share in the profits I do my share (=do my part) of the housework.3 your (fair) share4 share in something5 house/flat sharesharing noun [uncountable] the lion’s share at lion(2), → timeshareCOLLOCATIONSverbshave/hold/own sharesA lot of the employees own shares in the in sharesI bought some shares in British Gas five years ago.sell sharesThis isn’t a good time to sell in/deal in shares (=buy and sell shares as a business)They make their money by trading in stocks and shares.shares rise/go up (=their value increases)The company’s shares rose 5.5p to 103p.shares fall/go down (=their value decreases)Shares fell sharply on the London Stock Market yesterday.share + NOUNshare priceThe company’s share price has continued to go down.share ownershipThe government tried to encourage wider share ownership.share dealing (=buying and selling shares as a business)He was convicted of illegal share dealing.
Examples from the Corpus
shareThe price has gone up to $4.50 a share.The Class A shares rose 3 / 4 to 40 5 / 8.They enter at the peak and like those who buy shares at their peak they suffer badly.According to this conventional wisdom, the middle class and the poor think the rich should pay a heavy share.Economies of scale are also a feature likely to be associated with the struggle for market share.Excite will pay for McKinley by issuing 1. 2 million shares of stock, currently valued at $ 18 million.Earnings per share fell to 15.6p from 24.1p but the 1991 dividend total of 14.85p per share is to be maintained.An Australian businessman has bought a 10 percent share in the project.Wilson's share of the business is worth $500,000.Between 1980 and 1990 their share of total retail trade fell from 5.2% to 4.5%, according to Verdict, a retail analyst.If your grandfather left any money, you will get your share.share inThe political reforms offered ordinary people more of a share in the running of the country.Richardson recently sold his share in the restaurant for $500,000.share of/inContributors to the trust then have a share in the income and capital appreciation of the underlying assets.It's the titles that matter, and Martina, with 156, has her fair share of them.It is now the fifth most listened to form of radio - and it is increasing its share of total listening.The doctor was as uninterested in money as Harry was interested, and let him sell a-large share of what he picked.Corporate power is not merely a matter of the resources and market share of formally independent entities.He said higher diesel fuel cost the company about 10 per share in the first quarter.This sharing of power through incorporating students into the administration of an undergraduate program is highly unusual in academic settings.And you two certainly had your share of it this year.
From King Business Dictionaryshareshare /ʃeəʃer/ noun1[countable]FINANCE one of the parts into which ownership of a company is dividedThe company has the right to issue (=make available and sell) shares in two series.Friendly companies and banks hold (=own) 56% of all shares in Germany’s listed companies.Top-ranking officers in the company sold a block of shares (=a large quantity, usually more than 10,000) on Monday when the price was high.When a company issuesshares or stocks especially American English, it makes them available for people to buy for the first time. The process of issuing shares in order to obtain money for investment is called equity financing. Shareholders/stockholders especially American English are people who buy and own shares, and they receive a dividend (=a part of the profits of a company) for every share they own. When a company makes its shares officially available, they are listed on a stockmarket or stock exchange especially British English. A stockbroker is a person or company whose job is to buy and sell shares, bonds, derivatives etc for themselves and investors. A share price/stock price can fluctuate (=increase or go down often or regularly). A bull market is a financial market in which share prices are rising, especially over a long period of time and a bear market is one in which share prices are falling.2(Class) A/B/C shares [plural]FINANCE different classes of a company’s shares. Each class has different characteristics, for example the right to vote at shareholdersmeetingsYou can buy Class A shares of each of the Funds at the offering price.Class B shares typically do not charge a frontend sales charge. advancing shares American depositary share authorized shares bearer share blue chip share bonus share capital share common share convertible share cumulative preference share cyclical share declining shares defensive share deferred share delta shares diluted shares equity share fractional share fully-paid share fund share golden share growth share heavy share income share large-cap share listed share management share mid-cap share new share non-participating shares non-voting share no-par-value share ordinary share outstanding shares over-the-counter share participating preference share part-paid share penny share preference share primary share quoted share red chip share redeemable share registered share secondary shares second-tier share small cap share split share underlying share unlisted share voting share when-issued share3[singular] the part of something that belongs to a particular person, organization etcCorporations are being encouraged to give a share of their profits to social programs. brand share market share unit share4market share by valueACCOUNTINGMARKETING market share that is measured by SALES REVENUE (=money obtained from sales)Small electrical appliances took a 28% market share by value with sales reaching 19 billion euros.5market share by volumeACCOUNTINGMARKETING market share that is measured by the number of products soldThe firm leads the industry with 35% market share by volume in memory and microprocessor cards.6to buy market shareMARKETING to increase market share by charging low prices, even if they are not profitablePeople have been competing with silly prices just to buy market share.Origin share2 Old English scearu cutting, division