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sexsex1 /seks/ ●●● S1 W2 AWL noun 1 [uncountable]SY the physical activity that two people do together in order to produce babies, or for pleasuresexual All you see on TV is sex and violence these days. They had sex in the back seat of his car. She no longer wanted to have sex with him.premarital sex/sex before marriage (=sex happening before marriage) the dangers of casual sex (=having sex with someone without intending to have a serious relationship)safe sex (=ways of having sex that reduce the spread of sexual diseases)unprotected sex (=sex without a condom)2 [uncountable]HBSEX/GENDER whether a person, plant, or animal is male or female Put your name and sex at the top of the form.3 [countable] all men, considered as a group, or all women, considered as a groupsexual He found it difficult to talk to members of the opposite sex (=people that were not his own sex). People of both sexes (=both men and women) buy her records.4 single-sex school/college etc
Examples from the Corpus
sexShould students be taught about sex in elementary school?You have to put your name, age, and sex on the form.Many staff feel uneasy with subjects such as sex education.Propaganda buys direct from London and sells clothes and shoes for club-ing for both sexes.Eating disorders affect people of both sexes, not just girls.Unlike many other societies, including our own, Chewong ideas about human nature are truly applicable to both sexes.Most women are confronted by sex discrimination at some time in their working lives.She had no interest in sex after the baby was born.Husbands who feel insecure about their masculinity, or wives about their femininity, are especially vulnerable to extra-marital sex.We recruit, train and manage our employees regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religion.Rupert has never shown much interest in members of the opposite sex.The test can be used to determine a baby's sex before it is born.You can now find out your baby's sex before it is born.Some people ignore advice about safe sex and do not wear condoms.Are the twins the same sex?I don't want my kids seeing all that sex and violence on TV.a refreshing and unusual approach to sex educationboth sexesThe urinary bladder in both sexes acts as a half way house or store for the urine secreted by the kidneys.Transsexualism is not to be confused with hermaphroditism, in which bodily characteristics of both sexes are present in the same individual.It affects children of both sexes and is passed to them by both parents.People of both sexes and from all walks of life sent letters and signed petitions in huge numbers.Unlike many other societies, including our own, Chewong ideas about human nature are truly applicable to both sexes.When seeking a marriage partner, intelligence is important to both sexes.I would like to recommend it to both sexes as a jolly exciting read.
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sexsex2 verb [transitive] technical HBASEX/GENDERto find out whether an animal is male or female sex something ↔ up
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Examples from the Corpus
sexAdult males have a humped forehead and longer fin extensions, but there is no obvious way of sexing smaller individuals.
Origin sex1 (1300-1400) Latin sexus