sewage works

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sewage worksˈsewage works British English, sewage plant American English, sewage farm British English noun [countable] SGPa place where sewage is treated to stop it being harmful
Examples from the Corpus
sewage worksOcker Hill Power Station with two prominent chimneys, a sewage works and a canal surface with oil and floating debris.Of greater concern was the decline in quality resulting from the increased inputs of pollutants by sewage works and industrial plants.Phosphates in the water, from agricultural run-off and discharge from sewage works, provide nutrients on which the algae thrive.The residue, a carbon-based char, can be used instead of activated carbon in, for instance, sewage works.At present, sewage works must ensure that effluent meets the required standards of cleanliness for 95 percent of any 12 month period.Producing methane gas from landfill sites, sewage works and organic wastes is another extremely practical use of resources.Once there, turn left to the sewage works.The water companies will have to improve the performance of their sewage works or risk other claims.