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settlerset‧tler /ˈsetlə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable] SALIVE SOMEWHEREsomeone who goes to live in a country or area where not many people like them have lived before, and that is a long way from any towns or cities early settlers in Australia
Examples from the Corpus
settlerSettlers found a plentiful supply of fruit and game in the nearby forests.He anticipated the motives of explorers, conquerors, and settlers for a couple of centuries to come.By the mid-1970s the conflict between the army, the Bengali settlers and the tribespeople was under way.Many of the earliest settlers here dies from disease and hunger.Eddie's grandfather was one of the town's first settlers.As the influx of settlers continued, the Nez Perce now stood alone.The number of graves found in Upper Halling suggests that these were of settlers.Two months later, there was an inconclusive exchange of shots between a Nez Perce and one of the settlers.The settlers dispatched messengers to warn their comrades and seek help.The settlers, who view themselves as the vanguard before the camp, are here to make sure that they will be.Sustainable development will depend on a more positive incorporation of women settlers.