From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsettleset‧tle /ˈsetl/ ●●● S2 W2 verb 1 end argument [intransitive, transitive]ARGUE# to end an argument or solve a disagreementsettle a dispute/lawsuit/conflict/argument etc Rodman met with Kreeger to try and settle the dispute over his contract. We hope the factions will be able to settle their differences (=agree to stop arguing) by peaceful means. Forensic tests should settle the question of whether Bates was actually present at the scene of the crime.settle with She finally settled with her former employers for an undisclosed sum. They might be willing to settle out of court (=come to an agreement without going to a court of law).2 decide [transitive usually passive]DECIDE to decide what you are going to do, especially so that you can make definite arrangements Nothing’s settled yet. It’s settled then. I’ll go back to the States in June. ‘She’s only 15.’ ‘That settles it (=that is enough information for a definite decision to be made)! We’re not taking her with us!’3 start living in a place a) [intransitive, transitive]LIVE SOMEWHERE to go to a place where no people have lived permanently before and start to live there This territory was settled in the mid-1850s by German immigrants.Grammar Settle is usually passive in this meaning, when used as a transitive verb. b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIVE SOMEWHERE to go to live in a new place, and stay there for a long timesettle in Many Jewish people settled in the Lower East Side.4 comfortable [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]SIT to put yourself or someone else in a comfortable positionsettle yourself in/on etc something Donna did not dare settle herself too comfortably into her seat, in case she fell asleep. The dog settled on the grass to enjoy its bone. A nurse settled the old man into a chair. settle back5 quiet/calm [intransitive, transitive] (also settle down)CALM to become quiet and calm, or to make someone quiet and calm When the children had settled, Miss Brown gave out the new reading books. She breathed deeply to settle her nerves (=stop herself from feeling worried or frightened).6 move down [intransitive] a) DOWNif dust, snow etc settles, it comes down and stays in one placesettle on Snow settled on the roofs. b) DOWNif a bird, insect etc settles, it flies down and rests on somethingsettle on A fly kept trying to settle on his face. c) if something such as a building or the ground settles, it sinks slowly to a lower level The crack in the wall is caused by the ground settling. 7 pay money [intransitive, transitive]PAY FOR to pay money that is owedsettle a bill/account/claim I always settle my account in full each month. These insurance companies take forever to settle a claim.settle with He was able to settle with his creditors, and avoid going to jail.8 organize business/money [transitive]FINISH DOING something to deal with all the details of a business or of someone’s money or property, so that nothing further needs to be done When it is finally settled, the Marshall estate may be worth no more than $100,000. After her husband’s death, Jackie went to the city to settle his affairs.9 settle a score/account10 somebody’s eyes/gaze settles on somebody/something11 feeling/quality [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] writtenEFFECT/INFLUENCE if a quality or feeling settles over a place or person, it begins and has a strong effectsettle over/on An uneasy silence settled over the room. Depression settled over her like a heavy black cloud.12 expression [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] writtenHBHEXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACE if a particular expression settles on your face, it stays there A disapproving frown settled on her face.13 stomach [intransitive, transitive]HBH if your stomach settles, or if something settles it, it stops feeling uncomfortable or making you sick Georgia had taken pills to settle her stomach, but she was still throwing up every hour. let the dust settle/wait for the dust to settle at dust1(5)COLLOCATIONSnounssettle a dispute/argument/conflictEvery effort was made to settle the dispute, without success.settle a lawsuit/caseThe city will pay $875,000 to settle the lawsuit.settle a question/matterIt is the area of pricing which may settle the question of which to buy.settle your differences (=agree to stop arguing)The two recently met to settle their differences.adverbssettle something finally/eventuallyThe case was finally settled by the Appeal Court.settle something amicably (=in a friendly way, without using a court of law)The dispute was settled amicably.phrasessettle out of court (=come to an agreement without going to a court of law)She talked to a lawyer and settled out of court with her former employer. settle back settle down settle for something settle in settle on/upon somebody/something settle up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
settleHistorians are unsure when the territory was first settled.The existing chimney's foundation has settled and needs to be replaced.However, he settled down again and, with his assistant Brunskill, continued to rule the gallows.I ask the House to settle down and listen to the questions.Blue resigns himself to a long wait and then settles down with his newspapers and magazines.The players need to have a chance to settle down.After her husband's death, Jackie went to the city to settle her husband's affairs.She settled herself by an oak tree on a hill overlooking the town.The family settled in a small Nevada town where they opened a store.We lived in Thailand, then Singapore, and finally settled in Hong Kong.Many Jewish immigrants settled in the Lower East Side.So that settles it. We'll pay you half the purchase price now, and the rest over two years.Before settling on a mandatory-guideline system, Congress considered other competing proposals for sentencing reform.A look of fury settled on his face.We talked to the carpenter to settle plans for the expansion of the restaurant.I settled the bill and left the restaurant.Last year the Department of the Environment was brought in to settle the case.In the end we settled the deal on very favorable terms.Once the question of the location of the state leper home was settled, the disease ceased to make headlines.Please settle this account within two weeks.Nothing is settled yet.settle a dispute/lawsuit/conflict/argument etcIt would be sensible for dioceses to establish procedures for arbitration in case these are needed to settle disputes.Mercy and others who track violence see two disturbing trends, also reflected locally: Guns increasingly are used to settle disputes.During 1975-9 they did settle disputes by threatening violence and by paying compensation, and said that this was customary.Wright State has settled a lawsuit filed by Ralph Underhill agreeing to pay the former basketball coach about $ 125,000.They're here to settle a dispute over whether or not to build a loo in the vestry of the fourteenth century church.Their father encouraged his sons to settle disputes with fists and arranged boxing matches at home.We will consult on a Lay Adjudicators scheme to make it easier for citizens to settle disputes with service providers.The tribunals were intended to provide a way for rural residents to settle disputes without legal formalities.settle inIt didn't take Charlie long to settle into his new job.Within a month she had settled into a moderate exercise regimen.Paul never really settled in at his last school.We normally give new employees a little while to settle in before we overload them with responsibilities.settle yourself in/on etc somethingAll three brothers had settled themselves in the area, Nathan's being a pleasant semi-detached residence of three storeys.At home the new Labour Government was settling itself in.Dry and fed, Ralph settled himself in front of the telephone.He settles himself on the roof.She settled herself in the driver's seat and held out her hand for the keys.So I settled myself in a small tavern just down the street.They settled themselves in a comer, both facing the door so that they had instant warning of anyone's approach.settle ... nervesHer hands had been clammy and her breathing irregular, but a small brandy had helped to settle her nerves.She breathed deeply, trying to settle her nerves.Lynn Bollington scored early on to settle the nerves and two Jo Green goals secured the win.Hignett then scored from the spot before Martijn Reuser settled the nerves of the East Anglian contingent.settle onWe watched as a butterfly settled on a branch near our window.Can we at least settle on a date for our next meeting?Hiroaki wanted white and I wanted black, so we settled on grey.We finally settled on Miami as the site of our next conference.settle a bill/account/claimOfficials can seize a home and sell it to settle a tax bill.Many Japanese companies settle their annual accounts at the end of March.It had set aside $ 24 million to settle claims by former managers that it had failed to pay required overtime.Cigarette-makers agreed in 1998 to pay the states $ 252 billion to settle claims for smoking-related health costs.You use them just like ordinary cheques here to settle bills or draw cash.settle ... affairsIt aims to treat all taxpayers with equal fairness and to settle their tax affairs impartially.settle over/onShe settled on a one-pound sack of cookies for about $ 1.In the end she settled on a stiff dose of Courvoisier brandy poured straight into Lucy's mug.The soil where the bombs fell had been pulverised into black dust that had settled on everything.I settled on one of the gauges on the instrument panel in front of me.She had settled on the bottom with her bows more or less on a north-south line.I finally settled on the idea of studying pharmacy.When you are ready, fly down to Earth; settle on the moist green banks of a running stream.A sense of peace settled on the town's inhabitants.The meditation program he settled on was an Eastern breath-counting exercise.
From King Business Dictionarysettleset‧tle /ˈsetl/ verb1[intransitive, transitive] to end an argument by agreeing to do somethingThe two companies signed a pact that settled the patent suit.Before the second phase of the trial, the company settled out of court (=ended the argument without having to go to court).settle something with somebodyThe bankruptcy trustee ultimatelysettled thedispute with shareholders.2[intransitive]FINANCE if prices on a market settle, they stop rising or falling and stay at a particular level for a period of timeCrude oil futures prices settled lower in light trading.3[transitive]FINANCE to pay money that is owedProceeds from the sale will be used to settle debt to other creditors.Credit cards are one of the best ways of settling bills when you travel abroad. settle on/upon settle up→ See Verb tableOrigin settle Old English setlan