From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsettsett /set/ noun [countable] a passage in the ground made by a badger as a place to live
Examples from the Corpus
settEven at setts which are used regularly, the signs are not always clear if there are only a few animals present.Much more tricky than knowing if you've found a badger sett, is knowing whether or not it is still active.A full sett of evidence. 1.Milton was advised that this' will be a means to make most of the Trades fly against the present sett.They were caught at the sett after a member of the public spotted them on farmland, said Simon Caterall, prosecuting.By then, the four-month-old cubs are well grown and emerge regularly from the sett, often well before dusk.But the only sure way to tell if the sett is in use is to watch it.