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serverserv‧er /ˈsɜːvə $ ˈsɜːrvər/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 a) TDthe main computer on a network, which controls all the others The server’s down (=not working) again. b) TDone of the computers on a network that provides a special servicefile/print server All data is stored on a central file server.2 DSthe player who hits the ball to begin a game in tennis, volleyball etc3 DFUa special spoon for putting a particular type of food onto a plate salad servers4 American English someone whose job is to bring you your food in a restaurant SYN waiter, waitress
Examples from the Corpus
servera silver cake serverThus printing would be controlled by a print server; a file server would control loading and saving files.The facility also houses shared and dedicated web hosting servers.There will be a three-slot workstation, a six-slot workstation or server and a nine-slot server.House specialties usually showcase a restaurant's strengths, so we asked our server to make some recommendations.Our server told us about the day's specials.Details of pricing for the Sparc server version will be released when it ships in April.The first illustration shows a request without an authorized password that is rejected by the server.file/print serverThus printing would be controlled by a print server; a file server would control loading and saving files.In the SmartStream scheme, mainframes can be retained as file servers while cheaper Unix boxes assume its traditional tasks.So, what makes a good file server?Significantly, the 601 will be usable in symmetric multiprocessing file servers.According to Network Appliance, FAServer is the first implementation of a new direction for network file servers called file server appliances.AppleSearch is a workgroup-based product designed to give easy access to large document libraries residing on file servers.Encina services include two-phase commit, a structured file server, a transaction monitor and client-to-host communications.
From King Business Dictionaryserverserv‧er /ˈsɜːvəˈsɜːrvər/ (also file server) noun [countable]COMPUTING a powerful computer used to store large amounts of information and to connect other smaller computers in a NETWORK. The smaller computers are sometimes called CLIENTsThe network kept crashing because it was running on a file server without enough memory.