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seriesse‧ries /ˈsɪəriːz $ ˈsɪr-/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun (plural series) [countable usually singular] 1 series of something2 planned events a group of events or actions that are planned to happen one after the otherseries of This autumn the BBC will be showing a series of French films. Staff will hold a series of meetings over the next few weeks. a summer lecture series3 TCBtv/radioSERIES a set of television or radio programmes that have the same characters or deal with the same type of subject, and are usually broadcast every week or several times a week a new comedy series4 books/articles etc several books, articles etc that deal with the same subject or tell stories about the same charactersseries of a series of articles on community care a science fiction series5 similar things several things of the same kindseries of a series of laws against discrimination The area is linked by a series of canals.6 sport a set of sports games played between the same two teamsthe World Series (=in baseball)Test series (=in cricket)7 in series
Examples from the Corpus
seriesPolice smashed a major drugs ring after a series of dawn raids.There has been a series of accidents on the M25.Call a series of fluty piping notes, also a shrill whistle.The orchestra is giving a series of concerts to raise money for charity.Beethoven's Ninth Symphony will be the first in a series of concerts at the new concert hall.As she smiled, her mouth pushed her cheeks into a series of tiny wrinkles.The Roman script was phonetic and the book consisted of a series of dialogues, building up with phrases rather than individual words.Since there is only one opening the base has a simple podium on each side instead of a series of pedestals.Jance has written a series of books that take place in Seattle.a series of articles about the state of the economya series of numbers at the bottom of the computer screenThe conference was to discuss the programmes currently under production as part of the documentary series.It was to take eight years to produce the entire series.a lecture seriesRowling's "Harry Potter" series for children has been amazingly successful.What is the next number in the series -- 12,24,48,96?The series moves to Candlestick Park tonight for the first of three games on the West Coast.The new movie is based on the classic TV series from the '60s.A new TV series called "The Hamilton Dynasty" will be starting next autumn.series ofThere has been a series of attacks on tourists in the city this summer.An ongoing series of problems made the sale of the company necessary.the World SeriesBut changing the World Series to a neutral site would be a much more fundamental change than any of these.He figured baseball must love him back, too, because he played in the World Series.This is the World Series of Christmas.Another edition in the Birds of the World series.What happened Saturday night might have been the most memorable post-victory celebration in the history of the World Series.This time, he took the World Series to a seventh game.Well then, he ought to go forward and win the World Series.If they win Game 6 tonight, they will have become the youngest expansion franchise to win the World Series.
From King Business Dictionaryseriesse‧ries /ˈsɪəriːzˈsɪr-/ noun [countable usually singular]1FINANCE a group of investments that MATURE (=become due for payment) at different times but which are covered by the same agreement between the person offering them and people who buy them. The word series is often used with a letter or date to show when the investments become payableThe Treasury’s mortgage revenue bonds series 1998-99 are due Dec. 1,2018.The C and D preferred stock series have a face value of $100.2a range of similar products that one company producesthe company’s new Series 3 pocket computers3a group of events, actions etc of the same kind that happen one after the otherThere is talk of a series of asset sales worth $2 billion, spread over three years.Origin series (1600-1700) Latin serere to join