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SeptemberSep‧tem‧ber /sepˈtembə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Sept.) TMCthe ninth month of the year, between August and Octobernext/last September I haven’t heard from him since last September My birthday’s in September.on September 6th The meeting will be on September 6th.on 6th September British English ‘When’s the concert?’ ‘On 6th September.’September 6 American English They arrive September 6.
Examples from the Corpus
SeptemberAfter September 1914, however, it was downhill all the way.The class involves anyone who unwittingly bought fraudulent sports memorabilia on eBay from September 1995 to the date of trial.Gelsinger died from the treatment in September, in what is believed to be the first death caused directly by gene therapy.There were two in September, five are planned for October, one in November and two in December.I miscarried a baby at six weeks in September, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant with number five.Last September, he ordered the armed forces reduced by almost one-third over three years.The third bomb was found in the basement of the flats on the night of September 22.The shares have been falling since September, when they traded at nearly SeptemberThe stock is down 4. 5 percent from a 52-week high of 19 1 / 2 last September.Preliminary work began last September following the appointment of two countryside officers who are employed full time on the project.The three-year undergraduate course begins next September.I am a very proud Grandma of three boys - triplets - born last September.It was her first night out since the death last September of my uncle, Oblester Garcia de Rodriguez.This dream machine debuted at Baldaquin, a shop specializing in fine bed and table linens, when it opened last September.Until last September, the Chandler was home ported in San Diego.Since its second first flight from North Weald last September Harry has used his red rocket for both business and pleasure.
Origin September (1000-1100) Old French Septembre, from Latin September, from septem seven; because it was the seventh month of the ancient Roman year