From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-helpˌself-ˈhelp noun [uncountable] INDEPENDENT PERSONthe use of your own efforts to deal with your problems, instead of depending on other people a shelf of self-help books Our program emphasizes self-help. a self-help group for single parents
Examples from the Corpus
self-helpself-help booksa self-help groupToday she runs her own New Age self-help business, Kismet, employing four staff.There was a great deal of communal self-help in the Engineering School.It transforms the police officer from an investigator and enforcer into a catalyst in a process of community self-help.With a stronger private sector, a more vital ethic of self-help might also emerge.Organised self-help groups also rely on the beneficial effects of talking and discussion.There would be no point n even Samuel Smiles's self-help, if all is actually governed by invariable law.He is aware that what he is involved in now is nothing less than Thatcherite self-help.His career suggests that he was capable of combining a sense of duty with an urge to self-help.self-help booksShe had been reading a lot of self-help books and this was her conclusion.Good writing often reveals painful truths, said the authors in a panel on self-help books.Our current top 10 bestsellers include seven self-help books, so Airlift is more our style.