Word family noun securityinsecurity adjective secureinsecure verb secure adverb securelyinsecurely
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securityse‧cu‧ri‧ty /sɪˈkjʊərəti $ -ˈkjʊr-/ ●●● W1 AWL noun 1 protection from danger [uncountable]SAFE things that are done to keep a person, building, or country safe from danger or crime The trial was held under tight security. lax security at airline check-in desks terrorist activity that is a threat to national security The prison was ordered to tighten security after a prisoner escaped yesterday. The Security Commission investigates breaches of security. We have been asked not to say anything for security reasons. The security forces opened fire, killing two people. The thief was caught on a security camera. There are strict security checks on everyone entering the Opera House. A large number of homes lack adequate security measures.2 protection from bad situationsPROTECT [uncountable] protection from bad things that could happen to you OPP insecurity Parenting is about giving your child security and love. Workers want greater job security (=not being in danger of losing their jobs). This insurance plan offers your family financial security in the event of your death.3 guards [uncountable]BBC the department of a company or organization that deals with the protection of its buildings and equipment One of the sales clerks called security. security guard4 borrowing money [uncountable]BFL something such as property that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back money you have borrowed from themsecurity for Reiss used his Brooklyn home as security for the loan.5 securitiesCOLLOCATIONSadjectivestight/strict (=good security, so that something is very safe)The event passed off peacefully, amid tight security.lax (=not good enough, so that something is not as safe as it should be)The prime minister denied that border security had been lax.heightened security (=more than usual)There is heightened security around Heathrow following the bomb threats.national/state security (=security of a country)Did the article contain any information that is damaging to national security?personal security (=security of an individual person)The department is responsible for the president’s personal security.verbsimprove/tighten security (=make it better)Mexico has tightened security along its southern + NOUNthe security services/forces (=the police, army etc)Clashes with the security forces measures/arrangementsResidents have been warned to take extra security measures following a spate of burglaries.a security checkThere are security checks at the entrance to the courtrooms.a security guardThere are armed security guards outside the staffTeams of security staff guard the laboratory.a security cameraA car park security camera captured the attack.a security system (=a system of cameras, alarms etc to provide security)The first stage would be to install security systems and adequate lighting in churches.a security riskHis presence in the area posed a significant security risk.for security reasonsHe can’t be identified for security reasons.phrasesa breach of security (=when something happens that the security should have stopped)There was a serious breach of security at the prison last Friday.
Examples from the Corpus
securitySecurity has been increased at all airports in the wake of the attacks.He missed, killing a security guard.Their ordeal ended when a bank security guard spotted something suspicious on a television monitor and raised the alarm.A salesclerk called security.Parenting is about giving a child security and love.Your paycheck is deposited directly into your account for greater security.a high security prisonThey need to improve security here - anyone could just walk in.The insider must deal in securities on a recognized stock exchange, which includes dealing in securities through an investment exchange.Instead of a real agenda, Dodd offers generalities about opportunity, job security and growth.His wide-eyed innocence had lulled me into a false sense of security.If we get a place, we got ta pay maybe three months' rent, security.Social security, unemployment compensation, welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and public housing are examples.Strict security measures were in force during the President's visit.For the security of passengers, all hand baggage is carefully checked.We applied the same principles that would apply to these securities regardless of who issued them.There is tight security at the airport and all baggage is being searched.A uniformed security man met them at the gate.tight securityAmid tight security, Francis Mullen and his younger brother James appeared before Liverpool city magistrates.Statewide, $ 13 million was appropriated for tighter security at existing prisons.As I look back on it, the whole episode showed the need for tighter security screening.Critics include the panel charged with reviewing how tighter security measures might affect freedoms and civil rights.The promoters are promising tight security to prevent ravers leaving the site.He was also starting to rebel against the tight security.The confusions of war, the tight security covering the country, made communication difficult.They maintain very tight security along the border.job securityThe issue - over working hours and job security - remains unresolved.A swingman has to earn his job security.Flexible skilling will give more job variety to individuals and increase job security.I have a poor salary, no job security, and scant recognition of my skills.In other words, might not loyalty in large companies be bought by promises of job security?But workers here are accustomed to lifetime employment and see the provisions as a major threat to their job security.I prefer job challenge to job security. 7.I think he did have a message when it comes to job security and some trade forReiss used his Brooklyn home as security for the loan.
From King Business Dictionarysecurityse‧cu‧ri‧ty /sɪˈkjʊərəti-ˈkjʊr-/ noun (plural securities)1[uncountable] actions to keep someone or something safe from being damaged, stolen etcWe spend roughly as much on security as on sales promotion.On April 29th, a security alert shut down the London Stock Exchange.teams of professional security guards2[uncountable] a feeling of being safe and free from worry about what might happenJob security (=being confident that you are unlikely to lose your job) is the main issue in the dispute.Many Koreans like thefinancial security of working for big companies.3[uncountable]FINANCE property or other assets that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back the money that you owe themThe bank offers its customers flexible borrowing, usually without security.His parents have pledged (=promised) their homes as security so that he can obtain finance for his new business.4[countable]FINANCE a financial investment such as a bond or share etc, or the related CERTIFICATE showing who owns itNumbers showed that investment in foreign securities slowed in November.Securities firms outside the EU often operate under different rules.Almost every country with a developedsecurities market has some form of controls outlawing insider dealing. asset-backed security bearer security continuing security convertible security dated security deferred security fixed-interest security gilt-edged security government security listed security long-term security marketable security medium-term security mortgage-backed security negotiable security registered security short-term security undated security unlisted security see also social security