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secretariatsec‧re‧tar‧i‧at /ˌsekrəˈteəriət $ -ˈter-/ noun [countable] Pa government office or the office of a large international organization, especially one that has a secretary general in charge of it the United Nations Secretariat in New York
Examples from the Corpus
secretariatThey appeared to ignore him - and organized themselves with a secretariat of their own.I accept that that puts the responsibility on the United Nations secretariat and on the Security Council.What professional support, and from whom, will the permanent secretariat and permanent advisers have?Most of the contribution takes the form of staff time devoted to running the association's secretariat.Despite its international image, FoE International's secretariat - currently in London - consists of one person.Both committees, therefore, were concerned with similar questions and they were serviced by the same secretariat.The secretariat for Mass Mobilization and Revolutionary Guidance was abolished.
SecretariatSecretariat a horse which won many US horse races in the 1970sFrom King Business Dictionarysecretariatsec‧re‧tar‧i‧at /ˌsekrəˈteəriət-ˈter-/ noun [countable] the office of a government or international organization which runs its daily affairsAnalysts at WTO’s secretariat say Tokyo has made progress in opening its markets.Origin secretariat (1800-1900) French secrétariat, from Medieval Latin secretarius; SECRETARY