Word family noun seat seating adjective seated verb seatunseat
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seatingseat‧ing /ˈsiːtɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] 1 APTSITall the seats in a theatre, cinema etcseating for a restaurant with seating for 40 customers The hall has a seating capacity of 650.2 SITthe places where people will sit, according to an arrangementseating plan/arrangements the seating plan for the wedding dinner
Examples from the Corpus
seatingIf storage space and seating are both at a premium, try building in boxes around the perimeter of the room.By comparison with trying to sleep on the cramped seating of today's long-haul flights it was luxury indeed.Planes, restaurants with fixed seating, cinemas and hairdressers all leave me cramped.She was surprised and sat herself down more carefully than was necessary on the stone seating.In the first class compartments the seating was two a side and in the brake third three a side.And the language, like the seating, is worst in fringe comedy clubs.The theatre is quite spectacular, with the seating arrangement and the plays performed there are of a very high standard.The seating in these open vehicles was two and one in the first class and the third.seating capacityIt is also available for conferences and other presentations requiring a seating capacity of up to 600.With a seating capacity of 115,000, it will be the largest stadium in Olympic history.However, the field will again be widened and seating capacity adjusted to 54,000 for the championship match.The room had seating capacity for about eighty and Mark saw that it was about half full.They had front exits and were of slightly lower seating capacity than the E/1s.The scheme will nearly double the seating capacity of the stadium, creating an additional 7,650 seats.The seating capacity is in excess of 1000 and was full for the opening ceremony.It had a total seating capacity of 378.seating plan/arrangementsA student assistant could help with this. 2 To facilitate learning of student names, alphabetical seating arrangements might be desirable.Headteacher John Hartley believes that the new seating arrangements have improved the learning atmosphere in every lesson.The Nobel banquet was more difficult: the booklet containing the precise seating arrangements had been mailed out days in advance.Fiona looked at the seating plan and said to meet at table six.Going out for dinner required that he consider the seating plan, menu, atmosphere, and management of each possible restaurant.Even now, I can't discuss the seating plan without hyperventilating.I want to discuss the seating arrangements.Various seating arrangements are choreographed like a slightly tacky lounge act with tinsel, glitter and lights that never fails to entertain.