From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseasonsea‧son1 /ˈsiːzən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 time of year [countable]TMC one of the main periods into which a year is divided, each of which has a particular type of weather. The seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and winter the effect on plants as the seasons start to change2 usual time for something [countable usually singular]TMCPERIOD OF TIME a period of time in a year during which a particular activity takes place, or during which something usually happens the first game of the seasonthe football/cricket etc season the end of the football seasonthe racing/fishing/hunting etc season The racing season starts in June. Some footpaths are closed during the shooting season.out of season (=when an activity is not allowed) He was caught fishing out of season.season for The season for strawberries (=when they are available to buy) usually starts in early June.the rainy/wet/dry season (=the time when it rains a lot or does not rain at all) African rivers turn to hard mud during the dry season.the growing/planting etc season The planting season is in spring, with harvest in the fall.3 holiday [singular, uncountable] the time of the year when most people take their holidayshigh/peak season (=the busiest part of this time) There are two boat trips a day, more in high season.low/off season (=the least busy part of this time) An off-season break costs £114.out of season It’s quieter out of season.tourist season (also holiday season British English) We arrived at the height of the tourist season (=the busiest time).the holiday season American English (=Thanksgiving to New Year, including Christmas, Hanukkah etc)the festive season British English (=Christmas and New Year)4 fashion [singular]DCC the time in each year when new styles of clothes, hair etc are produced and become fashionable This season’s look is fresh and natural.5 be in/out of season6 films, plays etc [countable usually singular]AMT a series of films, plays, television programmes etc that are shown during a particular period of timeseason of a new season of comedy on BBC1summer/fall etc season The network has several new dramas lined up for the fall season. Glyndebourne’s season opens with a performance of Tosca. 7 animals [singular] the time of the year when animals are ready to have sexthe mating/breeding season Their dog was coming into season.8 season’s greetings9 the season of goodwill close season, open season, silly seasonCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a period of time in a year during which a particular activity takes place, or during which something usually happensADJECTIVES/NOUN + season a good/successful seasonThe club has had another successful season.a poor/disappointing seasonIt's been a disappointing season for Arsenal.the football/cricket etc seasonThe football season will be starting soon.the hunting/shooting/fishing seasonAutumn was traditionally the hunting season.the holiday season (=when most people go on holiday)The roads are always busy during the holiday season.the tourist season (=when a lot of tourists visit an area)It's almost impossible to get a hotel room in the tourist season.the rainy/wet/dry season (=when the weather is rainy, wet, dry etc)In the rainy season, roads became a quagmire.the growing/planting etc season (=for growing or planting crops)The growing season is short in these mountainous areas.the festive season (=the period around Christmas)More people are choosing to go abroad for the festive season.
Examples from the Corpus
seasonSmith should own the record outright by the third or fourth game of the 2001 season.Although around 12 eggs in a season is normal, one female observed during filming of a television programme laid 25.Match receipts and season tickets brought in 5.7m.When does the baseball season start?The latest challenge is to promote the LSO's winter concert season.The network has several new dramas lined up for the fall season.Fiddlehead season runs from April to June, depending on locale.Foxes become very noisy at the height of the mating season.The Bulls would consider re-signing him next season.He was phoning to wish us all the best for the season, which was really nice.The season is a marathon, not a sprint.The Lakers need to work on their defense this season.Some had other jobs, although their lives tended to be bleak out of tourist season.Phillies catching prospect Eric Schreimann spent part of the last two seasons playing for the Boll Weevils.the football/cricket etc seasonThe football season will be starting soon.Gazza moved out to the villa in July to acclimatise before the football season kicked off.Admittedly it was only March, but the cricket season could never come too early for Hilary.But of course the football season hasn't ended yet.Dora Westbourne was a catch in one way, but in the cricket season a decided liability.When the football season ended, these warrior bands literally vanished.high/peak seasonIt housed, at high season, forty-five people.Room prices range from $ 56 to $ 72 during high season to $ 29 to $ 46 during low.Expect to pay $ 115 for a cabin that sleeps four during peak season.And they certainly have a wonderful range, at an average of £1,000 per week during peak season.There is live music on the terrace in high season.A piano bar operates several times a week in high season.A two night self-drive weekend break from their Winter-Inn programme staying at Les Trois Mousquetaires costs £181 per person high season.A single this time of year, high season, runs a minimum of $ 295. summer/fall etc seasonRecently scaled back under fiscal duress, the symphony has a 31-week winter and summer season and a full-time staff of 21.Unlike the trams, they are only seen during the summer season.Opera buffs will enjoy the summer season at Glyndebourne, 3 miles away.A programme will be produced in time for the summer season and Welcome will continue to keep Friends informed.In the summer season her troubles were born of her prosperity.The new collective bargaining agreement called for 10 weeks of subscription programs plus a four-week summer season.the mating/breeding seasonThe breeding season lasts from late spring until late summer, depending to some degree upon temperature.Sexing is by coloration, the male is a reddish colour, deepening during the breeding season.They tend to favour mountains, moorland and sea cliffs in the breeding seasons, and estuaries and coasts in winter.Pressure from recreation on these open areas is usually considerable, with consequently much disturbance to birds particularly in the breeding season.During its water-living phase in the breeding season, the newt becomes quite fish-like.Outside the breeding season they form flocks, sometimes numbering thousands.Spawning takes place with varying frequency throughout the breeding season.
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seasonseason2 verb [transitive] 1 DFCto add salt, pepper etc to food you are cookingseason something with something Season the chicken with pepper. Mix and season to taste (=add the amount of salt etc that you think tastes right).2 TIto prepare wood for use by gradually drying it
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Examples from the Corpus
seasonThe run on unpretentious style and seasoned finishes has been a boon for the purveyors of shelter chic.season something with somethinga creamy sauce lightly seasoned with herbs
Season, thethe SeasonSeason, the London Season, theFrom King Business Dictionaryseasonsea‧son /ˈsiːzən/ noun [countable, uncountable]COMMERCETRAVEL a period of time in the year when most business is done, or the time of year when something happensA full shuttle service is not expected until after the summer tourist season.You can get some cheap travel deals out of season (=during the period of time when most people do not travel). dead season high season low season off seasonOrigin season1 (1300-1400) Old French saison, from Latin satio act of planting seeds, from serere to sow season2 (1300-1400) Old French assaisoner to ripen, season, from saison; SEASON1