From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrapscrap1 /skræp/ ●●○ noun 1 paper/cloth [countable]PIECE a small piece of paper, cloth etcscrap of He wrote his address on a scrap of paper. a rug made out of old scraps of materialsee thesaurus at piece2 old objects [uncountable]USE something materials or objects that are no longer used for the purpose they were made for, but can be used again in another way The equipment was sold for scrap. Scrap metal (=metal from old cars, machines etc) fetched high prices after the war.3 scraps4 information [countable]PIECE a small amount of information, truth etcscrap of He obtained every scrap of information available. There isn’t a single scrap of evidence.5 fight [countable] informalFIGHT a short fight or argument He’s always getting into scraps with other dogs.
Examples from the Corpus
scrapScraps in the playground are a pretty frequent occurrence.The Kempers sold their old car to a scrap dealer.It's normal for brothers and sisters to have a few scraps. It's part of growing up.But Dove published a whole book based on a few scraps of wood.The birds would eat any leftover food scraps.Sadie would raid the bins for scraps when she could - perhaps her diet of rabbits needed to be supplemented.After London Transport took over they were sold where they stood to Cohens for scrap on 9 May 1934.This quilt was lovingly made from scraps of material.Wilson came in, slightly bruised from his scrap with a photographer.Nonni was the daughter of a prosperous dealer in scrap metal who had also been a lay preacher.Meredith wrenched her gaze from the sad little scrap of paper and looked about her.He scrawled them on pieces of newspaper, scraps of the Congressional Record, or junk mail that he picked up.You're now ready to knock the joint apart with a mallet or hammer and a block of scrap softwood.He scribbled a note on an old scrap of paper.scrap ofSave those fabric scraps to make a quilt.She wrote the message on a scrap of paper and handed it to Bill.Detectives gathered up every scrap of evidence that might support their case.sold for scrapAny that is exposed can be taken out and sold for scrap.Two companies have been shortlisted to buy the Dome, which is not to be sold for scrap as originally assumed.She was eventually sold for scrap.The equipment was sold for scrap, and the line was dismantled in 1942.
scrapscrap2 verb (scrapped, scrapping) 1 [transitive]STOP something THAT IS HAPPENING to decide not to use a plan or system because it is not practical We believe that car tax should be scrapped.2 [transitive]USE something to get rid of an old machine, vehicle etc, and use its parts in some other way Two aircraft carriers are being scrapped this year.3 [intransitive] informalFIGHT to have a short fight→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scrapThe state poured millions of dollars into this program before it was finally scrapped.Animal rights activists complained, and the ad was scrapped.She was scrapped a year later, when Wallasey Borough Council hoped to get the name back.Thousands of older planes will be scrapped as a result of budget cuts.Plans to build a new airport have been scrapped because of lack of funding.Both had poor ratings in a crowded marketplace, with almost two dozen syndicated talk shows scrapping for viewers every day.But Mr Milburn, under pressure from Downing Street for a more radical approach, decided to scrap regulations blocking treatment abroad.The senator proposed scrapping the 4. 3-cent gasoline tax increase the Clinton administration enacted as part of its budget-deficit reduction.He also wanted to scrap the council tax discount offered to second-home owners.The president's proposal to scrap the program has angered many members of Congress.The house would not approve the prime minister's plans for scrapping the social security system.
From King Business Dictionaryscrapscrap1 /skræp/ noun [uncountable] materials or objects that can no longer be used for the purpose they were made for, but that can be used again in another wayThe car was eventually sold for scrap.Scrap metal can be recycled.steel bought from a scrap dealerscrapscrap2 verb (scrapped, scrapping) [transitive]1to decide not to use a plan or system because it is not practicalThe arrangement was scrapped about three years after it was started.2to get rid of an old machine, vehicle etcA lot of the old machinery had to be scrapped.→ See Verb tableOrigin scrap1 1. (1300-1400) Old Norse skrap scraps2. (1600-1700) Perhaps from scrape