Word family noun science scientist adjective scientificunscientific adverb scientifically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscientificsci‧en‧tif‧ic /ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk◂/ ●●● S3 W2 adjective 1 [no comparative] about or relating to science, or using its methods We believe in investing in scientific research. the limits of scientific knowledge decisions based on scientific evidence the international scientific community (=scientists)2 informalORGANIZE using an organized system I keep accounts for the business, but I’m not scientific about it.3 the scientific methodscientifically /-kli/ adverb It hasn’t been scientifically proven, though.
Examples from the Corpus
scientificHe wanted the information to make club selection more scientific.She was impatient, angry, and scientific.Tell me how you write love poetry which is objective, scientific, and devoid of any personal presence.Through their size, funding and concentration of personnel they are central scientific and technological establishments.There is no scientific basis for such policies.More complex annuity problems can also be programmed on nearly all business and scientific calculators rather easily.There isn't a very scientific filing system in the office.Councillors commended the scheme put forward by Tilhill Economic Forestry for its design and consideration for sites of archaeological and scientific interest.scientific research