Word family noun science scientist adjective scientificunscientific adverb scientifically
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sciencesci‧ence /ˈsaɪəns/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 [uncountable]H knowledge about the world, especially based on examining, testing, and proving facts Many leading scientists do not consider that science can give absolutely reliable knowledge. the founder of modern science, Isaac Newton developments in science and technology2 [uncountable]HSE the study of science What did you do in science class today?3 [countable]HS a particular part of science, for example biology, chemistry, or physics the physical sciences4 something is not an exact science domestic science, information science, natural science, physical science, social science, → blind somebody with science at blind2(4), → something is not rocket science at rocket science
Examples from the Corpus
sciencescience and technologyMr. Paulson is a science teacher.For the purposes of nutritional science, however, the calorie is too small a unit to be useful.Through these lessons, students learn the basics of science.Children begin secondary school with high expectations of science, but become disillusioned and uninterested, especially in physics.The autumn statement shows that spending on science and technology in 1992-93 will be almost £6 billion.The requirements of the social science historian with regard to the archiving of computer-generated data are the same as those of any social scientist.For, unfortunately, even when science eliminates all fatal diseases, 100 percent of us still are going to and technologyBut although science and technology are different pursuits with different histories, they work in concert.S.-born and minority students to consider careers in science and technology.Similarly, environmental requirements must be integrated into science and technology policies.As well as more about the environment, developments in medicine, science and technology if they wish.The dance around the stars, the celebration of science and technology, is not universal.In those interviews, Margaret Thatcher has made much of science and technology.The antenna is the centerpiece of a variety of science and technology experiments on the mission.Objectivity of the scientific and economic ilk has progressively driven out the Utopianism which had previously permeated science and technology.
Origin science (1300-1400) Old French Latin scientia knowledge, from scire to know