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scholarshipschol‧ar‧ship /ˈskɒləʃɪp $ ˈskɑːlər-/ ●○○ noun 1 [countable]SE an amount of money that is given to someone by an educational organization to help pay for their educationscholarship to She won a scholarship to Iowa State University.on a scholarship He attended college on a drama scholarship.2 [uncountable]STUDY the knowledge, work, or methods involved in serious studying Her latest publication is a fine piece of scholarship.
Examples from the Corpus
scholarshipKent was a scholarship student at the Pillow and was working backstage when she first saw the company.When she was 18, she won a scholarship to study at the Conservatoire in Paris.I attended the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship.We're very proud of the five students from this school who were awarded scholarships.Despite these difficulties, Catholic biblical scholarship had advanced, albeit cautiously, particularly as far as the Old Testament was concerned.The company has a small number of college scholarships to offer to employees' children.Admitted to Mills College on a full scholarship, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa without a penny of help from her parents.Burns's book is a work of great scholarship.Contacted Saturday, he said he wanted to set up a multipurpose account to sponsor the King scholarships and office functions.At 9, he became a boy soprano, beginning a six-year music scholarship in a cathedral choir.He did not delay boringly on points of scholarship.This list of three types of scholarship certainly must ignore the preferred styles of many people, perhaps myself too.However popular the school might be at any moment, many of the students were needy and on scholarship.The Foundation's goals include providing scholarships for gifted young students.Depending upon the size of these scholarships, some parents pay no school fees at all.Travel news comes in the shape of a report from one of the winners of the Hugh Stewart travel scholarship.won ... scholarshipFrank, at the age of 16, had already won a scholarship to Trinity College in Cambridge.There, he excelled at maths and won a scholarship to Cambridge in 1967.In the same year he won a scholarship at Repton not far from Derby.He won a scholarship to Halifax Secondary School, sang in the church choir, and became a Scout.Karen won a scholarship and, like all of her siblings, got a college education.When the war was over, she won a scholarship to study ballet in London.With one small child to care for, she went on welfare, and soon won a scholarship to college.