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schemasche‧ma /ˈskiːmə/ noun (plural schemas or schemata /-mətə/) [countable] technical AVDa drawing or description of the main parts of something
Examples from the Corpus
schemaBetween birth and age 2, all schemata are sensorimotor and dependent on the actions of the child.Implicit in the conceptualizations of schema used here is the idea that schemata are internally constructed with experience over time.The sucking reflex illustrates a reflexive schema.Within a set schema some approximate balance of interests has been achieved.That is, a single schema had been used to evoke a behavioral response.This upset conservatives who insisted, inaccurately, that schemata could only be accepted or amended, not rejected.Therefore we are dealing solely with an exchange-value schema, not a prices of production one.
Origin schema (1700-1800) Greek SCHEME1