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scenescene /siːn/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 play/film [countable] a) APTpart of a play during which there is no change in time or place Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2 the opening scene b) Aa single piece of action that happens in one place in a film, book etc battle scenes tender love scenes The film contains some violent scenes. colourful pictures depicting scenes from the Biblesee thesaurus at part2 SITUATIONactivities [singular] a particular set of activities and the people who are involved in them I’m not into the club scene (=going to night clubs). LA’s music scene the drug scene a newcomer to the political scene3 accident/crime [singular]SEE the place where an accident, crime etc happened The police soon arrived at the scene of the the scene Investigators are now at the scene, searching for clues.on the scene Journalists were on the scene within minutes.see thesaurus at place4 view/picture [countable]SEE a view of a place as you see it, or as it appears in a picture He photographed a wide range of street scenes.scene of She returned home to find a scene of devastation.see thesaurus at sight5 event/situation [countable]HAPPEN what is happening in a place, or what can be seen happeningscene of There were scenes of rejoicing after the election.bad scene American English ‘It’s a bad scene here, ’ she said. ‘Jamie is very sick.’ 6 argument [countable]ANGRY a loud angry argument, especially in a public place There were angry scenes in parliament today. I was mad, but I didn’t want to make a scene.7 not be your scene8 behind the scenes9 set the scene10 be/come on the scene a change of scene at change2(3), → steal the scene at steal1(4)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a particular set of activities and the people who are involved in themADJECTIVES/NOUN + scene the political sceneThis issue is going to continue to dominate the political scene.the social sceneShe loved the city, and really enjoyed the social scene.the music/jazz etc sceneShe’s still involved in the music scene in London.the arts sceneBritain has a lively contemporary arts scene.the literary sceneHe had a huge influence on the literary scene.the club scene (=going to nightclubs)I was really into the club scene.the drug scene (=taking illegal drugs)He regrets getting caught up in the drug scene.the gay scene (=clubs and pubs where gay people go)He knew his way around the New York gay scene.the national sceneThe magazine gives an overview of the national music scene.the international/world sceneHe is still a major figure on the international political scene.verbsbe part of a sceneFormal receptions were an important part of the social involved in a sceneI knew that he was involved in the drugs scene.appear/arrive on a scene (=become known)He first appeared on the arts scene in the 1960s.
Examples from the Corpus
sceneThe ghost appears in Act 2, Scene 1.The village is a scene of devastation after the heavy rains.There are scenes of confusion here as refugees pour out of the city.But be warned: The battle scenes are as fierce and brutal as the reality of bladed warfare.the death sceneIn the final scene, Harry tells Sabrina he loves her.On the wall were several framed floral scenes.Reporters described the horrific scenes which followed the bombing.The opening scene of the movie features the gangsters discussing their next heist.I saw him again that evening and the same scene was repeated until he collapsed in complete exhaustion.The sex scenes between Depardieu and Brochet are sensitively filmed.She stared out the window at the lively street scene.She was down at the scene of the picket.I had to laugh at the absurdity of the scene.The Dunblane Primary School, the scene of the massacre, was closed until Monday.The interpretation of Mannheim's project that von Schelting initiated set the scene for its incorporation into mainstream functionalist sociology.The scene inside the lobby restaurant of the studio did nothing to make me less self-conscious.Act V, Scene 2 of Hamletlove scenesThe message is clear and concise and displays no verbosity that one would expect to find in more courtly love scenes.I had never had to do love scenes and neither had Kylie.Her love scenes in this voyeuristic thriller are with the hot new actor Billy Baldwin.Not even the love scenes between Guillaume Depardieu and Anne Brochet can lift the deeply entrenched gloom.Were there any special rules for the love scenes?For a while it was enough to heckle the love scenes and cackle at disasters.These bits were the love scenes.The love scenes between Fawcett and Boothe are straight out of a Harlequin novel, all romance and yearning and aching passion.political sceneUnder her leadership, our chapter also became a major player on the local political scene.Silber is an impatient, some might say petulant, player on the local political scene.Such a confident assertion of local feeling against nuclear power was in tune with shifts in the national political scene.And that basic insight leads us to why the national political scene is so totally screwed up.The party political scene remains fluid, with parties merging and forming alliances in the run-up to the March 1991 general elections.Some of these, for example the popular fronts in the republics, established themselves as significant features of the political scene.Kostunica had been on the political scene for years and had never attracted such support.No wonder prime ministers treated him as their equal, and lesser mortals on the political scene regarded him with awe.on the sceneIn 1958 the three actors in the process were all on the scene.Steve was just cleaning up when staff from inside Orsett Hospital at Grays, Essex, arrived on the scene.Meanwhile, unless his senses were awry from fear and pain, a newcomer had arrived on the scene.But we must keep in mind that millions of species arose and disappeared long before mankind came on the scene.Castro was exploding on the scene.No, we didn't see it, but we were on the scene soon afterwards.scene ofHarriet's house was a scene of utter confusion.bad sceneI mean, I was on stage when he left and it didn't look like a particularly bad scene to me.Murdered on the street, strung out, a very bad scene.It was a very bad scene at work today.make a sceneI hate it when people make a scene in public.Please don't talk so loudly. You're making a scene.Rather than make a scene , I kept quiet and climbed in the back.
Origin scene (1500-1600) French scène, from Latin scena, scaena stage, scene, from Greek skene tent, building against which a play is performed, stage