Word family noun save saver saving savings saviour/savior verb save
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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savingsav‧ing /ˈseɪvɪŋ/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun 1 savings2 [countable]BFSAVE MONEY an amount of money that you have not spent, or an amount of something that you have not used The new engines will lead to savings in fuel.saving of This represents a saving of £60,000. All small companies will need to make savings if they are to survive.3 [uncountable]SAVE MONEY when you save money rather than spend it save1(2)
Examples from the Corpus
savingThis will represent a saving of £10 for those members who opted for this extension in the past.The sale price of $599 represents a saving of $100 off the regular price.What a saving of money and energy this might represent in a person's life!Use of a captive can produce cost savings and cash flow advantages for groups.It wants to see savings of £300,000.Under his original proposal, much of the savings would have gone to the wealthy.make savingsA variety of difficulties were foreseen about the ability of fundholders to continue making savings.This means choosing the right variety can play an important part in making savings further into the season.Fundholders are uncertain about their ability to make savings year after year, particularly in an increasingly cost contained environment.A reduction in its funding forced the company to make savings.A Barclays Deposit Account is designed to make savings simple, convenient and safe.The Council has to make savings on its budget of nearly £10 million to meet Government targets.Hereforshire Health Authority needs to make savings of six hundred thousand pounds which it overspent this year.
From King Business Dictionarysavingsav‧ing /ˈseɪvɪŋ/ noun1[uncountable]FINANCE the act of keeping money to use later rather than spending itWe want to encourage saving and investment.2[countable usually singular]FINANCE an amount of something that you have not used or spent, especially compared with a larger amount that you could have used or spentThis amount represents a considerable saving over last year’s expenditure.saving ofRecent pension-plan changes will make a saving of $400 million next year.3savings [plural]FINANCE money that is kept in a bank to be used later or invested, rather than spentInvestors lost their life savings (=all the money they had saved during their life) when the bank collapsed.4[uncountable]ECONOMICS when total income in the economy is more than the total amount spent on goods compare dis-saving, spending forced saving personal saving