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sandalsan‧dal /ˈsændl/ ●●○ noun [countable] sandals.jpg DCCa light shoe that is fastened onto your foot by bands of leather or cloth, and is worn in warm weather a pair of sandals
Examples from the Corpus
sandalThe soles of her feet were dyed with henna, making a brown sandal.Some are in deck shoes, some are in sandals, me in my flip-flops.He wore a light yellow tunic which reached the knee, and on his feet were leather sandals with decorated metal buckles.She just let her feet get wet in their sensible plastic sandals.Mansions sprung up in the once poor agricultural center, and one drug lord walked its streets with gold-plated sandals.The toe of his right sandal slowly drew a circle.Robbie's sandals were low-heeled, but even so she found the pace hard going.
Origin sandal (1300-1400) Latin sandalium, from Greek, from sandalon