Word family noun safe safety adjective safeunsafe adverb safely
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsafesafe1 /seɪf/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (comparative safer, superlative safest) 1 not in danger [not before noun]SAFE not in danger of being harmed, lost, or stolen OPP unsafesafety She doesn’t feel safe in the house on her from The birds’ nests are high up, safe from predators. Make sure you keep these documents (as) safe as houses British English (=be completely safe) Your money will be as safe as houses.2 not harmed or lost not harmed, lost, or stolen Your family are all and sound/well (=unharmed, especially after being in danger) The missing children were found safe and sound.3 not causing harmSAFE not likely to cause any physical injury or harm OPP dangerous Flying is one of the safest forms of travel. Don’t go near the edge – it isn’t safe. a safe working environmentit is safe (for somebody) to do something Is it safe to swim here?safe to use/drink/eat etc The water is treated to make it safe to for play areas that are safe for children(at/from) a safe distance We watched from a safe distance. Drivers should keep a safe distance from the car in driver Women are safer drivers than men.4 no riskCERTAINLY/DEFINITELY not involving any risk and very likely to be successful a safe investment a safe method of contraceptionit’s safe to say/assume (that) I think it’s safe to say that the future is looking pretty good.5 safe place6 safe journey/arrival/return etc7 subjectAGREE a safe subject of conversation is not likely to upset anyone or make people argue I kept to safe subjects, like the weather. 8 to be on the safe side9 be in safe hands10 better (to be) safe than sorry11 safe in the knowledge that ...12 a safe pair of hands13 safe!14 no problem British English spoken informal used to say that something is good and that there is no problem ‘How’s your new boss?’ ‘She’s safe.’ play it safe at play1(9), → it’s a safe bet (that) at bet2(4), → safe seat at seat1(2), → somebody’s secret is safe (with somebody) at secret2(1)THESAURUSnot in dangersafe not in danger of being harmed, lost, or stolen. Also used about a place where someone or something is safeI don’t feel safe around here.Keep your valuables in a safe if something is secure, it is safe from thieves and criminals. Also used about a place where something is safeHow do I know that my personal details are secure?The money is in a very secure place.well protected not likely to be damaged or harmed by somethingThe equipment was well protected from the rain.Always make sure that you are well protected from the sun.out of harm’s way in a place where someone or something cannot be hurt or damagedShe put the glass vases on the top shelf, out of harm’s way.Make sure that he stays out of harm’s way.not harmed or damagedsafe not harmed or damagedThe children are all safe.OK/all right informal safe and not hurtI was glad to hear that you were OK.unharmed not hurtThe kidnappers released the young man unharmed.unscathed /ʌnˈskeɪðd/ not hurt or damaged, after an accident, an attack, or a dangerous experience – used when you are surprised by thisThe baby escaped unscathed. Miraculously, the old part of the city remained one piece informal not harmed or damaged, especially after a journey or a dangerous experienceI’m glad you’re home in one piece.out of danger safe, after being in a dangerous situationAs soon as they were out of danger, they stopped for a rest. His doctors say he is out of danger.
Examples from the Corpus
safeAs long as we keep to the main road we should be safe.Our buses have to pass a safety test each year and are perfectly safe.Tom's plan seemed simple and safe.There was a sort of noisy anonymity about the rattling carriage which made him feel safe.I'm trusting you with these documents, so make sure you keep them safe.The missing children were eventually found at a friend's house, safe and sound.White noise is as safe as a lullaby.the safe disposal of radioactive wasteNew powers to refuse wastes and revoke licences are potentially powerful weapons in controlling the movement and safe disposal of wastes.Hiding in the hedge a safe distance from the truck, she waited for the man to appear.Mothers held on to their children tightly, letting them watch the fireworks from a safe distance.One looked safe enough, bearing, as it did, Mr Yarrow's distinctive scrawl.Dr Williams said the drug would continue to be used because it was safe for most patients.We want the streets to be safe for our children.I closed the curtains around the bed, and felt safe from Heathcliff and everyone else at Wuthering Heights.The turtles lay their eggs in the damp sand where they are safe from predators.Your money will be safer in the bank.Do you think she'll be safe in the house all alone?I feel pretty safe in this building.Bye Sarah, have a safe journey.Ericka Emery, 13, feels safer now.Seemingly the safest of all securitised corporate lending is the market for commercial paper.Keep the receipt in a safe place.She tends to choose safe, politically acceptable topics for her films.Do teenagers know enough about safe sex and contraception?To be on the safe side I spent two hours in the drain, shivering for most of the second hour.Would it be safer to park my car in the driveway?keep ... safeBut it is the rear-view binocular field which is of particular use in keeping the rabbit safe.Playpens or other harnesses, for instance, may be used frequently to keep their chil-dren safe.Their message for the winter is keep warm ... but keep safe.Very small children were sometimes sat on the cabin top and tied to the chimney to keep them safe.Let's keep our roads safe and tighten motoring law to rid our roads of these death traps once and for all.She sat down rather stiffly on the grass, being careful to keep a safe distance between them.If you bring something to them, they assume it's your's, and they keep it safe for you.There is a way to keep your will safe, sound and and sound/wellHe gave me the good news that Elizabeth and Ernest were safe and well.I hope that by the time this appears, Sarah will have been found safe and well.Ringing from her local radio station, she heard her husband Duane is safe and sound.Their principal duty is making sure the two little princesses are safe and well.They were indeed what they could only have been-the two scouting vessels which had returned, safe and sound.But she turned up safe and well at dawn when she walked into a mobile police station just yards away.It's a place where they are safe and well fed.Cling to him, and we shall be safe and sound from every danger. keep a safe distanceShe sat down rather stiffly on the grass, being careful to keep a safe distance between them.In order to keep a safe distance, one waits while the light holds on’s safe to say/assume (that)His world, it's safe to say, will not fall apart if the Lemonheads do.
safe!safe!British English spoken informal used by young people to show approval of something ‘Alex is having a party.’ ‘Oh, safe!’ safe
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safesafe2 ●○○ noun [countable] safe.jpg BTa strong metal box or cupboard with special locks where you keep money and valuable things
Examples from the Corpus
safeHe ignored both the display cases and the safe which was concealed behind a framed eighteenth-century engraving of the City of London.The safe being a large cabinet with a fine wire-mesh door to keep flies off fresh food.This is the money that banks keep in their safes or tills for everyday use.
safesafe3 interjection British English informal said by young people as a greetingFrom King Business Dictionarysafesafe1 /seɪf/ adjective1not likely to cause any harm or injuryOur products are safe when used correctly.Recycling is a safer and cheaper alternative to burning waste.2not in danger of being lost, harmed, or stolenHow safe is your job?safe fromWith this software, users should be safe from virus attacks.3[only before a noun] not involving any risk and very likely to succeedThe dollar is usually regarded as a safe investment.In a weak economy, precious metals stocks are a safe haven for investors (=people who invest in them are unlikely to lose money).4play it safe to not take any risksBankers are playing it safe by investing in well-established blue chip stocks.safesafe2 noun [countable] a strong metal box or other container with strong locks, where you keep your money and other valuable things night safeOrigin safe1 (1200-1300) Old French sauf, from Latin salvus safe, healthy