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roséro‧sé /ˈrəʊzeɪ $ roʊˈzeɪ/ noun [countable, uncountable] DFDpink wine
Examples from the Corpus
roséAnjou, both rosé and white, comes from the Loire near Angers.There's also a delicious rosé.
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roserose1 /rəʊz $ roʊz/ ●●● S3 noun 1 rose.jpg flower [countable]HBPDLG a flower that often has a pleasant smell, and is usually red, pink, white, or yellow, or the bush that this flower grows on a dozen red roses A large bouquet of roses arrived on her desk. rose bushes2 colour [uncountable]CC a pink colour3 something is not a bed of roses4 put the roses back in somebody’s cheeks5 be coming up roses6 come out of something/come up smelling of roses7 for water [countable] British EnglishDLGTZ a circular piece of metal with holes in it that is attached to the end of a pipe or watering can so that liquid comes out in several thin streams
Examples from the Corpus
roseShe could see Alison's roses and felt them to be a rebuke.And thank you for the roses.Another very successful collection of my pictures has been made by a lady who is very keen on yellow roses.rose bushesShe did not want a small army camping indefinitely among her flowerbeds and rose bushes.Then, a little higher, it surprised them, suddenly unveiling green pasture and rose bushes with delicate pink blossom.Inside, the complex is immaculate, with neatly trimmed shrubs and rose bushes lining each building.But the best were his rose bushes, a type you don't often see now.I thought the rose bushes were beautiful, too.I made a picture from the same flowers to show what the rose bushes would yield the following summer.
roserose2 verb x-refthe past tense of rise
Examples from the Corpus
roseAt the height of the storm it rose about 3m, tearing the vegetation from islands, hurtling through trees.The scrim rose and the boy relived his life with them.Somehow she rose over her excitement, though, and concentrated all she could on the task at hand.They rose sharply, for example, during the eruption of Monte Nuevo in 1538.Before him, right there, rose the great bowl of Yankee Stadium.
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roserose3 adjective CCpink in colour rose velvet curtains
Examples from the Corpus
roseFortunately rose rust doesn't occur very often, but when it does it can be a killer.Jezrael could still see the lights of sunflowers strung out like mercury on rose satin.The western porch below, surmounted by its rose window, is sculptured.
Origin rosé (1800-1900) French pink, from rose rose rose1 Old English Latin rosa