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ldoce_287_eroofroof1 /ruːf $ ruːf, rʊf/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 TBTOPthe structure that covers or forms the top of a building, vehicle, tent etc They finally found the cat up on the roof.roof of We can probably strap the cases to the roof of her car.slate/tiled/thatched etc roof a flat roof a pitched roof (=sloping roof)red-roofed/metal-roofed etc a wooden-roofed theatre2 TBCthe top of a passage under the ground Suddenly, the whole tunnel roof caved in.3 a roof over your head4 go through the roof5 the roof of somebody’s mouth6 under the same roof/under one roof7 under somebody’s roof8 the roof falls/caves in raise the roof at raise1(24), → sunroofCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + roofa flat roofShe used to sunbathe on the flat roof.a sloping roofThe path led to a log cabin with a chalet-style sloping roof. a pitched roof (=with parts that slope down)a row of garages with tiled pitched roofs.a tiled roof (=covered with pieces of baked clay)a slate roof (=covered with thin pieces of a grey rock)a thatched roof (=made of dried straw)She lived in a pretty country cottage with a thatched roof.a leaky/leaking roof (=one that lets rain in)We needed to fix the leaky roof.
Examples from the Corpus
roofAbove their heads the kites moved with a rustle of wings from the Club roof to the branch of a tree.Mitchell knew they must look predatory on the spread of the low roof.At King Saud Mosque, Jeddah, we covered a large courtyard with an opening lightweight metal roof.He let it slither down the roof to the building's guttering.Is it too heavy for the roof?Four silhouettes with rifles, perched at each corner of the roof.I left my coffee cup on the roof of the car.We'll need a ladder to get up on the roof.At the last second, he jumped from the saddle and swung on the trailer roof as the horse went in.pitched roofThe traditional greenhouse shape is a rectangular floor area, near-upright sides and a pitched roof.We had to staple a polythene vapour barrier to the rafters of a pitched roof.Octagonal cupolas covered by flat pitched roofs were still normal crossing space covering.They all have pitched roofs, right?High pitched roofs contain the typical ornamental dormers.Timber fascias and barge-boards are standard, while many pitched roof garages feature timber-clad gable ends.It has rubble-stone walls and its steeply pitched roofs make the granite-capped chimneys seem all the higher.As if on cue, Aunt Mary praised the pitched roofs and admired the details etched on the apple-colored walls.
Related topics: Construction
roofroof2 verb [transitive] TBCto put a roof on a buildingbe roofed with something a cottage roofed with the local slateGrammar Roof is usually passive. roof something ↔ in/over
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Examples from the Corpus
be roofed with somethingLater and larger basilicas were roofed with concrete vaults which rested on a few, very large piers.
Origin roof1 Old English hrof