Word family noun romance romantic romanticism adjective romanticunromantic romanticized verb romance romanticize adverb romantically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishromanticro‧man‧tic1 /rəʊˈmæntɪk, rə- $ roʊ, rə-/ ●●○ adjective 1 showing loveLOVE showing strong feelings of love ‘Tom always sends me red roses on my birthday.’ ‘How romantic!’2 relating to loveLOVERELATIONSHIP relating to feelings of love or a loving relationship After dinner, they took a romantic stroll by the sea. real old-fashioned romantic love I’m not ready for a romantic relationship.3 story/filmSTORYLOVE a romantic story or film is about love a romantic comedy4 beautifulEXCITED beautiful in a way that affects your emotions and makes you think of love or adventure romantic music The castle is set in one of England’s most romantic landscapes.5 not practicalPERFECT romantic ideas are not practical or not based on reality OPP realisticromantic notion/view/idea etc romantic notions about becoming a famous actress Like many New Yorkers, he had a romantic image of country life.6 Romantic art/literature etcromantically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
romanticOthers find vinyl recordings warmer, more romantic.Like Modigliani, Jeanne was a romantic, a mysterious young woman with soulful blue eyes and a generous mouth.You have a very romantic and foolish idea of science.His proper names show the same self-conscious striving for a romantic atmosphere.We shared a gourmet meal in a romantic, candle-lit restaurant.Why don't you send him a little romantic card and see how he reacts?Paris is such a romantic city.a romantic comedy in which Meg Ryan plays a single mother looking for loveI saw a picture of Jane Asher in the same suit at a romantic fiction judging evening.Again, more men than women endorsed the romantic ideal by answering yes.It is part of the romantic ideal that the promise of a beautiful woman is the promise of eternal perfection.Then a quieter, more romantic one.I'm in the most stable romantic relationship I've ever had.In all of these depictions, parenthood is romantic, rollicking fun in which men are integrally involved.I've always thought it would be so romantic to be serenaded.We went for a lovely romantic walk by the lake.romantic loveThen again, perhaps rough, tough Spacefleet troopers manifested peculiarly understated displays of romantic love.To see them is to believe in love, real old-fashioned romantic love.Kissing became the gesture of romantic love, and future actors took up the torch.The reason for this fall is the fact that romantic love can not be sustained without an underlying friendship.There is also the fact that in our culture romantic love eludes both rational analysis and individual control.To us the flood of romantic love should be searched for and found before marriage.In addition to romantic love, the major tie that is still operative between male and female is the project of reproduction.romantic notion/view/idea etcIt is a gut-level response, based on romantic notions about college sports.That romantic notion held sway over me, and probably delayed my perception of Clarisa as some one with a medical problem.But I'd had my suspicions and didn't share his romantic notion of a farewell from anonymous royalty.As a raft of scientists have now informed me, the Rousseauian romantic view of allergies is way off.Crossing the bridge, look back at the romantic view of the palaces backing on to the canal.She rejects a purely romantic view of the relations of men and women.His romantic idea that gangsters closer to reality than the rest of us.Of course, it takes a lot more than a romantic notion to open and sustain a successful restaurant.
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romanticromantic2 noun [countable] 1 LOVEsomeone who shows strong feelings of love and likes doing things that are related to love such as buying flowers, presents etc2 PERFECTsomeone who is not practical, and bases their ideas too much on an imagined idea of the world OPP realist a romantic who longed for adventure3 (also Romantic)ABO a writer, painter etc whose work is based on romanticism
Examples from the Corpus
romanticI'm a romantic who likes picnics and candlelight dinners.Unlike many of his dancers, Horton was a romantic rather than an ideologue.Jeanne Tripplehorn pairs with Dylan McDermott in this comedy about a ridiculous romantic and an utter realist brought together by destiny.Against the sensuality of the romantic, Berlin offered the sobriety of the realist.Whatever hurts he had suffered in the past, with his Leo open-heartedness, he was one of nature's true romantics.Struggling with this recalcitrant material, the director, an unreconstructed romantic, slapped on the atmosphere with a lavish hand.
Origin romantic1 (1600-1700) French romantique, from Old French romans; ROMANCE1