rolling stock

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rolling stockˈrolling stock noun [uncountable] TTTall the trains, carriages etc that are used on a railway
Examples from the Corpus
rolling stockThe yard was a desert of flint chips and rolling stock that was almost extinct.A £300 million contract to build rolling stock has been won by GEC-Alsthom.But engineers think that the kind of lightweight rolling stock increasingly used on the network will remain vulnerable to autumn leaves.Railways needed locomotives, rolling stock and signalling equipment, besides rails and bridges.The West Coast main line was electrified in the 1960s and much rolling stock is 15 to 20 years old.For reasons explained in the rolling stock chapter, they were not entirely satisfactory and were returned at the end of 1923.The railroads needed them to keep their rolling stock rolling.A new engineering base is being established at Churston where rolling stock will be maintained and serviced.
From King Business Dictionaryrolling stockˈrolling ˌstock noun [uncountable]TRANSPORT all the trains, carriages etc that are used on a railwayAmtrak is upgrading (=improving) its rolling stock and selling off its old cars.