From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroarroar1 /rɔː $ rɔːr/ ●●○ verb 1 [intransitive]LOW SOUND OR VOICE to make a deep, very loud noisegrowl We heard a lion roar. The engines roared.2 [intransitive, transitive]SHOUT to shout something in a deep powerful voice ‘Get out of my house!’ he roared. The crowd roared in delight.see thesaurus at shout3 [intransitive]LAUGH to laugh loudly and continuously By this time, Michael was roaring with laughter.4 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]TTC if a vehicle roars somewhere, it moves very quickly and noisily The car roared off down the road. roar back→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
roar"You idiot!" he roared.Balfour slammed his canary-yellow, industrial vacuum truck into gear and roared after the varmint in a cloud of choking brown dust.Traffic roared along the highway.The Ferrari roared and shot off down the road.Audience response is shattering - like a massive, roaring animal.The wind howled and the surf continued to roar as we explored beyond our landing point; we visited a ruined chapel.Without hesitation, the assembled citizens roared assent."Get down and don't move, '' the man roared at her.This was what it must be like on a toboggan roaring down the snowy slope of a mountainside.The lions roared in their cages."I don't need to listen to this, " roared Maxie.Soon they were between vertical walls and the river was roaring mud.Suddenly the teacher roared my name across the classroom.They stopped at the Zebra Crossing and Pete watched the big lorries and buses and cars roar past.There was the sound of a siren and several police cars roared past.The wind roared through the forest.The winds shifted and the fire, jumping from treetop to treetop, roared toward them.I stood by the waterfall, almost hypnotised by the roaring water.roaring with laughterOne minute they were sitting there looking self-conscious and the next they were roaring with laughter.Six monologues and a comic song to finish with had the audience roaring with laughter.Then he rather undercut the room's prim pity for him by roaring with laughter.And he kept roaring with laughter all the way through the set - well, what we managed to do of it.
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roarroar2 ●○○ noun [countable] 1 CSOUNDa deep, loud noise made by an animal such as a lion, or by someone’s voicegrowl the roar of the crowd He let out a roar of laughter.2 LOUD/NOISYa continuous loud noise, especially made by a machine or a strong wind the roar of the trafficsee thesaurus at sound
Examples from the Corpus
roarNadia let out a roar of laughter.The boat's motor made quite a roar.A roar of falling water as a door opened and closed indicated that some one had just emerged from the lavatory.Now the rattle and roar of the tube faded abruptly as it surfaced into bright sunlight.Wave after wave of starlings take off at short 2-3 minute intervals, with a great roar of whirring wings.With a great roar, the whole building was engulfed in flames.I shall never forget his roar of anguish on hearing the terrible news.Every four years, presidential hopefuls have learned, the New Hampshire mouse roars like lion.Inside, the gale was no more than a distant, muffled roar.We threw ourselves to the ground as the roar of an explosion thundered over us.I love to hear the roar of the crowd at a Blue Jays baseball game.She heard the roar of a motorbike behind her.For ten minutes now, the roar of the engines had been overlaid by a scraping, spluttering sound.Then the roar and vibration of the incoming train.The San Francisco quake was mild compared to the roar of divine judgment soon to come.There were roars of laughter coming from the living room.roar of laughterAs I rose to answer there was a roar of laughter from the Labour benches.On seeing him in the nude, the girls' screams of fear turn into roars of laughter.In the roar of laughter it provoked, he felt himself falling swiftly towards the ground.The roar of laughter that burst out was something he never forgot.
From King Business Dictionaryroarroar /rɔːrɔːr/ verb roar ahead→ See Verb tableOrigin roar1 Old English rarian