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roachroach /rəʊtʃ $ roʊtʃ/ noun [countable] 1 American English informalHBI a cockroach2 HBFa type of European fish3 informalMDD the end part of a marijuana cigarette that has been smoked
Examples from the Corpus
roachHe was like a roach, could melt into the cracked recesses of the tenements all around.Dace and roach on the Salmon Hall stretch but chub main target to big baits.Swineford second field producing chub and a few good roach.He caught a good couple of pounds of roach on ledgered casters from bites that were all but invisible.Quality roach boosting returns in Chester, legered bronze maggot best.Skimmers, roach and small perch from most Liverpool sections but pike active.To them, roach spray may simply carry a nasty odor.
Origin roach 1. (1800-1900) cockroach2. (1100-1200) Old French roche