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risottori‧sot‧to /rɪˈzɒtəʊ $ -ˈsɒːtoʊ/ noun (plural risottos) [countable, uncountable] DFFa hot meal made from rice mixed with cheese, vegetables, or pieces of meat
Examples from the Corpus
risottoI prefer a pilaf to a risotto for parties.She was experimenting with a risotto when Ron Paget appeared at the door.Although risotto rice always cooks up wet, your guests might think that something has gone wrong.I am often disappointed by risotto.You can go into a diner and find risotto.I conjured up visions of wild mushroom risotto, tiramisu, Cherry, Garcia ice cream, and currant scones.The risotto has a saffron color.Try not to pick out every single pea from your risotto.
Origin risotto (1800-1900) Italian riso rice