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riotousri‧ot‧ous /ˈraɪətəs/ adjective [usually before noun] formal 1 LOUD/NOISYnoisy, exciting, and enjoyable in an uncontrolled way SYN wild a riotous party2 SCCCONTROL#noisy or violent, especially in a public place Their riotous behaviour led to their arrest.riotously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
riotousBut their efforts at conversation became increasingly difficult as the surrounding house party grew more and more riotous.riotous behaviorThe riotous celebration continued late into the night.It was a memorable night of riotous jollity.Evidently he did not expect to give riotous or alcoholic parties at times when the tutor might be in.The couple were spotted doing a raunchy snake dance in a nightclub after Peta attended a riotous party he threw.