riot police

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riot policeˈriot poˌlice noun [plural] SCPpolice whose job is to stop riots Riot police fired tear gas into the crowd.
Examples from the Corpus
riot policeWith students and riot police headed for a major confrontation, Seoul was once again a boiling cauldron.He manages a hotel unhappily located across from the cathedral where workers and riot police have staged nightly confrontations.The catalyst for the demonstrations was the beating to death of a student demonstrator by riot police.As more than 300 people took to the streets, a police helicopter and eight vans carrying riot police were brought in.Five hundred riot police now patrol the streets.Hundreds of riot police on Nov. 2 clashed with students in Dhaka protesting against recent legislation to curb cheating in final exams.Four made a phalanx before the booth, tapping their lead truncheons, their feet splayed like a squad of riot police.Three school buses unload riot police.