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rinkrink /rɪŋk/ noun [countable] 1 DSOa specially prepared area of ice that you can skate on SYN ice rink2 DSOa special area with a smooth surface where you can go around on roller skates SYN skating rink
Examples from the Corpus
rinkA permanent 5-inch thick ice rink is created at the beginning of the hockey season.They have nice rinks and people, too.They settled first at Bournemouth, where Margie and Jenny had begged to go because it had a professional skating rink.But the rink has been losing around £300,000 a year.It includes never-before-seen footage away from the rink, comments from players and game highlights.The rink was on two levels and had an Alpine atmosphere to it with pine trees and the snowflake effects.
Origin rink (1300-1400) Old French renc place, row