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right-wingˌright-ˈwing ●○○ adjective PPGa right-wing person or group supports the ideas and beliefs of capitalism OPP left-wing right-wing parties The organization is very right-wing.right wing noun [countable] the right wing of the Conservative partyright-winger noun [countable] a prominent right-winger in the party
Examples from the Corpus
right-winga right-wing conservative MPa right-wing fund raising groupThe aim was to attract intelligent revolutionaries disgusted by the ramshackle right-wing local Labour Party and the once influential Communist Party.Is he a Trotskyite or a right-wing mole?McLamb and Gritz, a former Green Beret, long have been leaders in the right-wing patriot movement.The right-wing populist Progress Party is the only one of the eight parliamentary parties opposed to the treaty.He is known for his extreme right-wing views.