Word family noun ride rider riding override adjective overriding verb ride override
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ridingrid‧ing /ˈraɪdɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] DSHthe sport or activity of riding horses horse riding Shall we go riding on Saturday?riding school/stables (=place where people learn to ride horses)
Examples from the Corpus
ridingVoters elect members of Parliament from districts known as ridings.Generally, a snaffle will be required for family horse, riding club horse and novice riding.Horse riding is also now available at Choupana and Sto da Serra.As one gains in skill the performance of the task of riding is released to the periphery of awareness.Horses out riding can show their intolerance for the same daily routine and their need for excitement.Driving like his is helping the growth of off-road riding.The riding became more regular and I wanted to ride more often than I could.riding school/stablesShe hated school and left at sixteen to go and train in a riding stables to be an instructor.It is more of a social club than a riding school.The dramatic headland of St Govan's Head is a firm favourite with climbers and there are many bridlepaths and riding schools.Tennis courts and riding stables are planned for summer 1992.They sell to private individuals, families and riding stables, he said.The Riding Establishment Act makes it compulsory for riding schools to hold a licence which is issued after annual inspections.Now back working at her own riding stables, Anne Haine offered this encouragement.She left the riding stables and went on the dole.
RidingRi‧ding /ˈraɪdɪŋ/ noun one of the three official parts into which Yorkshire, northern England, was formerly divided. The three divisions were called the East Riding, West Riding, and North Riding.Origin riding (1200-1300) ride