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revuere‧vue /rɪˈvjuː/ noun [countable] APTa show in a theatre that includes songs, dances, and jokes about recent events
Examples from the Corpus
revueKing's Theatre Presents opera, ballet, visiting productions and revues.Converted from a Baptist church built in 1911, the Cabaret offers patrons a full dinner followed by a colorful revue.After graduating, she concentrated on comedy, touring in revues and writing and performing in fringe venues.It would last for another six months, but by the time it ended, intimate revue was finally dead.Steen continued presenting revues, with an increasing reliance on scripted comedy rather than just dancing girls, until the outbreak of war.Dancers held hands as they bowed at the end of one weekly television revue.Actually, it was Cook who killed off the revue form.
Origin revue (1800-1900) French revoir to look over, from voir to see