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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreviewre‧view1 /rɪˈvjuː/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]JUDGE a careful examination of a situation or processevaluation, analysisreview of She sent us her review of the research.carry out/conduct/undertake a review The company hired Bob to conduct an independent review of their workplace body/committee/panel/board the Teachers’ Pay Review Bodyunder review We’re keeping this policy under review (=we are continuing to examine it). The policy comes up for review (=will be reviewed) in April. All fees are subject to review (=may be reviewed). Mr Crowther asked for judicial review of the decision (=an examination of the decision by a judge).2 [countable]ATCN an article in a newspaper or magazine that gives an opinion about a new book, play, film etc a film reviewreview of The paper published a review of her book.good/bad/mixed review The band’s new album has had very good reviews. The film opened to rave reviews (=reviews that praised it a lot).3 [uncountable]ATCN the work of writing reviews for a newspaper or magazinefor review The book was sent to the press for review in September. The journal receives review copies (=free copies to review) of most new software products.4 [countable] a report on a series of events or a period of time, that mentions the most important partsreview of a review of the year5 [countable]PM an official show of the army, navy etc so that a king, president, or officer of high rank can see them a naval reviewCOLLOCATIONSverbscarry out a review (also conduct a review formal)No one has yet carried out a review of the system.Government officials are conducting a review of the law.undertake a review (=start it and carry it out)The department plans to undertake a spending review.keep something under review (=continue to review it)He recommended that the matter should be kept under review.come up for review (=be reviewed after a particular period of time has ended)His contract is coming up for subject to review formal (=may be reviewed or changed)These prices are subject to review.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + reviewa major reviewWe are conducting a major review of our procedures.a thorough/comprehensive reviewTheir conclusion is based on a comprehensive review of all the previous extensive/wide-ranging reviewHe is currently conducting a wide-ranging review of public spending.a fundamental review (=that examines the most basic and important parts of something)There have been calls for a fundamental review of our voting annual reviewThere will be an annual review of your independent reviewTheir findings have been confirmed by a recent independent internal review (=one that an organization carries out on itself)The Army is conducting an internal review.judicial review (=examination by a judge)The case is likely to go to judicial review.a policy reviewThe policy review proposed radical changes to the system. a spending reviewExtra money was promised in last summer’s spending + NOUNa review body/committee/panel/boardWe will set up a pay review body for all staff.a review processWe cannot comment until the review process is over.
Examples from the Corpus
reviewReviewers praised Tisler's performance.After a review by the city council, his license was revoked.Our first English assignment was to write a book review.A post-census review found that many homes had been missed.A comprehensive review of the patient can be achieved through the use of the care plan.If the story is accepted and published in a magazine then it has already gone through a considerable review process.Extensive reviews have documented the availability of coal in the United States.The first reviews, therefore, appeared about a week later.The movie got good reviews.Wilberforce had just written a long review of Darwin's book.a restaurant reviewA multi-million-pound package will be announced in this summer's comprehensive spending review.There are still aspects of the review process that need to be completed.The new prices are noted in this review.judicial reviewSo they went to the High Court to challenge the decision and have been given leave to seek a judicial review.He took the view that the matters raised by the counterclaim would better have been raised by judicial review.There is before the court an application for judicial review.It is also clear that decisions and actions of the police can be challenged by way of an application for judicial review.In 1985 there were 66 applications for judicial review and the number was on the decline.The applicant then applied to the High Court for judicial review of these decisions.Mr Hanley will go to the High Court this morning in the hope of winning a last-minute judicial review.The applicant sought judicial review of that decision, and the Divisional Court granted him relief in the form of a declaration.rave reviewsBut freshman outfielder Pedro Loza has been drawing rave reviews in practice.Already open is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which has drawn rave reviews from those who have visited it.The pair gained rave reviews for their Belfast concert earlier this week and are likely to be just as good tomorrow night.Although the show opened on Broadway to less than rave reviews, Sandy said the new production is better.So far no rivals have matched the rave reviews E ma won for the film.His film My Cousin Vinny opened to rave reviews.Last year, it reopened to rave reviews.But she proved to be a natural and her performance won rave reviews. review copiesNigel began selling review copies - his own and any others he could cadge - to give a little boost to his income.Publishers are invited to send review copies and information on their titles for this preview to Jennifer Taylor, .Publishers are requested to send review copies of books which deal with the water industry to Paul Garrett, Water Bulletin.
reviewreview2 ●●● S3 W3 verb [transitive] 1 JUDGEto examine, consider, and judge a situation or process carefully in order to see if changes are necessaryevaluate, analyse We will review your situation and decide how we can help you. The decision will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. The team manager’s position will be reviewed at the end of the season.see thesaurus at examine2 TCNAto write a short article describing and judging a new book, play, film etc Bradman will review the best of the new children’s books.3 American EnglishSESTUDY to look again at something you have studied, such as notes, reports etc SYN revise British English4 to examine and describe the most important parts of a series of events or period of time a journalist who will review the events of the past six months5 PMto officially watch a group of soldiers, ships etc at a military show The president will review the soldiers on parade.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reviewWhen a large number of products are involved this considerable effort may not be worthwhile until all overhead allocations are routinely reviewed.Hayes used to review books for the local paper.As well as being an author, she reviews books for the Sunday papers.Patients were reviewed every week for the first month and every other week until food reintroductions were completed.We'll spend this week reviewing for the final.I'll just review my notes and go to bed.Doig's new book is reviewed on page 4.In a restrictive climate we all review our expenditure levels.The finance committee is reviewing the budget proposal.He reviewed the course that his administration had followed and intended to pursue in the future.One of its first actions on taking power in March was to set up a committee to review the project.It should also review the results achieved.Eliot wrote to him after he reviewed "The Use of Poetry."An employment interviewer reviews these forms and asks the applicant about the type of job sought and salary range desired.
From King Business Dictionaryreviewre‧view1 /rɪˈvjuː/ noun1[countable, uncountable] when a situation or process is examined and considered carefully to see if it can be improvedreview ofThe company is conducting an internal review (=done by employees of the company) of its activities.performance reviews of hospitalsThe plant is still under review for possible closure.2[countable, uncountable]FINANCE when a RATINGS AGENCY examines particular bonds, debts etc to see if there has been a change in the level of risk that they will not be repaidMoody’s has placed $2.5 billion of the company’s debt under review for possible upgrading.3[countable] an article in a newspaper or magazine that gives an opinion about a new restaurant, product, film etcDespite good reviews from food critics, the restaurant hasn’t made a profit in two years.reviewreview2 verb [transitive]1to examine or consider a situation or process carefully to see if it can be improvedWe hired an outside consultant to review our pricing policies.The situation is being reviewed on a day-to-day basis.2FINANCE to examine particular bonds, debt etc to see if there has been a change in the level of risk that they will not be repaidThe company’s debt is being reviewed by Moody’s for possible downgrading.3to write an article saying how good you think a new restaurant, product, film etc isHe reviews new models for a car magazine.reviewer noun [countable]a reviewer for ‘The Detroit News’4American English to look at a document such as a report in detailI need more time to review your report.→ See Verb tableOrigin review1 (1400-1500) French revue; REVUE review2 1. (1600-1700) REVIEW12. (1500-1600) view