From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevertre‧vert /rɪˈvɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ ●○○ verb revert to somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
revertHe may revert to an attendance allowance by further written notice.When all 15 Medway seats are removed next April, Kent will revert to its historic state of being Tory.The pressure to revert to maximising leverage ratios and suppress local authority and community-led development would be intense.Leopold convinced the University to let the Curtis farm revert to prairie again.We are reverting to the existing practice.The simple solution is to revert to the multiple-dig method, since the next burrow may well not present the same problem.Bokassa was deposed by former President Dacko in September 1979, the country reverting to the status of republic.
Origin revert (1300-1400) Old French revertir, from Latin revertere to turn back, from vertere to turn