Word family noun revelation adjective revealing revelatory verb reveal adverb revealingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevealre‧veal1 /rɪˈviːl/ ●●● W1 AWL verb [transitive] 1 TELL A SECRETto make known something that was previously secret or unknown OPP conceal He may be prosecuted for revealing secrets about the security agency. a test that can reveal a teacher’s hidden skillsreveal (that) He revealed that he had been in prison twice before.reveal yourself (as/to be something) The violinist revealed himself as a talented interpreter of classical music.2 SHOW/LET somebody SEE somethingto show something that was previously hidden OPP conceal The curtain opened to reveal the grand prize.see thesaurus at showTHESAURUSreveal to let someone know about something that is secret or has not been known until nowDoctors are not allowed to reveal confidential information.It was revealed that he had smoked marijuana at college.tell to talk about something to someone, so that they know about itDon’t tell anyone about this just yet.Shall I tell you a secret?disclose formal to publicly reveal something such as a fact or a name that has been kept secretThe terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed.The agent did not disclose that there had been a violent crime in the house.divulge /daɪˈvʌldʒ, də-/ formal to reveal important or personal information which was previously secret or unknownThe bank has refused to divulge its plans.I’m afraid I cannot divulge what was said to me.make something public to tell people about important information, especially after it has been kept secretApparently they were engaged for some time before making it public.The government has agreed that sources of financing should in future be made public.leak to deliberately give secret information to a newspaper, television company etc, when a government or other organization wants to keep it secretThe contents of the email were leaked to the press.A man was charged today with leaking official secrets.give something away (also spill the beans informal) to tell someone something that you want to keep secretHe was careful not to give away any trade secrets.I’m not going to give away how much I paid for it!let slip informal to accidentally tell someone about somethingHe let slip that he was envious of his older brother. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
revealWhat actually happened to the gold has never been revealed.Naturally a candidate's response may alter once our client's identity is revealed.His letters reveal a different side of his personality.She lifted the lid of the box to reveal a life-size porcelain baby doll.The wooden doll opened to reveal a smaller doll within.A routine physical reveals an irregularity.That was written in 1909 and, later, a similar awareness is revealed by Ozenfant.A medical examination may reveal evidence of dietary deficiencies.A slight trembling of his hands revealed his growing excitement.Tests will reveal if this is necessary since on test the solenoid valve will operate sluggishly or not at all.The company has just revealed its plans for the coming year, including the opening of new offices in Paris.The President's refusal to meet the press reveals just how serious the crisis is.Separate holidays and weekends apart reveal more clearly than any words the state of their marriage.The look on my face must have revealed my embarrassment.Carter's face was a blank, revealing no emotion.The way he spoke in the bar afterwards revealed prejudice and bitterness that I had never suspected.Markov revealed that he had once worked for the CIA.Ginsberg withdrew his application to become Attorney General after it was revealed that he had smoked marijuana at college.The fact that there are no black officers in the entire regiment reveals that the army is not serious about its anti-discrimination policies.His character appears to reveal the wolfhound in him.Positive tests have revealed why some athletes were so reluctant to co-operate.reveal yourself (as/to be something)He was saying, in effect, get back to Eiger and the hotel room; fantasise sexually - reveal yourself!She reveals herself, and is veiled.Of course, the young man reveals himself as a boor, and pays rather messily for it.The sets include a precarious raked stage and symbolic elements that reveal themselves as the opera unfolds.It has been forced to reveal itself due to strict new regulations for healthier office environments and appears quite harmless!Getty Center reveals itself in tantalizing glimpses.Discourse is more like a moving film, revealing itself in time - sometimes over long periods.Do the characters reveal themselves through what they say?
revealreveal2 noun [singular] the time, especially on a television programme, when something that was previously secret or unknown is shown or made known, or when a changed person or thing is shown After the garden makeover, it was time to bring the owners back for the big reveal.Origin reveal (1300-1400) Old French reveler, from Latin revelare to uncover, from velum; VEIL1