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resultre‧sult1 /rɪˈzʌlt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 happening because of something [countable, uncountable]RESULTSO/CONSEQUENTLY something that happens or exists because of something that happened beforeconsequenceresult of Accidents are the inevitable result of driving too fast. High unemployment is a direct result of the recession.end/final/net result (=the result at the end of a long process) The net result of all these changes is that schools should be able to deliver a better service to pupils. Growing plants from seed can produce disappointing results. With a little effort you should achieve the desired a result (of something) As a result of the pilots’ strike, all flights have had to be cancelled.with the result that Sara wasn’t at school last week, with the result that she missed an important test.2 sports/elections [countable]RESULT the final number of points, votes etc at the end of a competition, game, or election The results will be announced at midnight. the football resultsresult of A lot depends on the result of this match.3 scientific tests [countable]RESULT the answers that are produced by a scientific study or test Results suggest that diet is very important.result of Police are awaiting the results of a forensic examination.positive/negative/inconclusive results The experiments gave positive results in all cases.see thesaurus at conclusion4 examinations [countable] British EnglishSERESULT/GRADE the mark you get in an examination SYN grade American English When do we get our exam results?5 success [countable]SUCCEED IN DOING something the achievement of something She certainly knows how to get results. For best results, always use fresh ingredients when you are cooking. 6 results7 get a resultCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + resulta direct resultThe closure of the hospital is a direct result of Government indirect resultSome job losses were the indirect result of cheap imports.the end/final result (=the result at the end of a long process)The end result will be well worth the effort.the net result (=the final result)The net result of fewer officers on the street was rising crime.the immediate resultKeep trying even if your first enquiry produces no immediate result.the inevitable result (=a result that is impossible to avoid)Weight loss is an inevitable result of the disease.the desired resultThese severe measures did not always produce the desired results.positive resultsThe charity has seen positive results from health care and farming projects.phraseswith disastrous resultsThe parachute failed to open properly, with disastrous results.verbsachieve/obtain a resultYou can achieve the same result by simply clicking on the menu.produce a resultA different approach might produce some interesting results.have a result (=cause something to happen)The campaign did have some positive results. THESAURUSresult something that happens because of something elseThe fire at the house was the result of a dropped cigarette.Many people find that herbal remedies produce a good result. consequence something important that happens as the result of a decision or actionGlobal warming will have serious consequences for the environment.Rising prices are the inevitable consequence of the grain shortage. repercussions the bad effects that happen later as a result of an event, often a long time afterwardsThe economic crisis in the US is likely to have serious repercussions for the rest of the world. The scandal could have major repercussions for his career.outcome the final result of a meeting, election, war etcThe final outcome of the election remained in doubt for several days.So, what is the likely outcome for Spain?the upshot the final result of a situation, especially when this was unexpectedThe upshot of all this was that the trial had to be delayed.the fruits of something literary the things that have been achieved as a result of someone’s efforts – used especially in the following phrases He did not live to see the fruits of his labours.They can now enjoy the fruits of their success.
Examples from the Corpus
resultJobs are hard to get and, as a result, more young people are continuing their education.As a result, it decided to review the case on its own motion.I've tried three different ways of adding these figures and each time I get a different result.Her parents believe that her death was a direct result of medical error.Election results are not expected to be announced until Friday.These are excellent results for the Christian Democratic Party.Turn to BBC1 for the latest football results.We have completed our experiments and we are now analyzing the results.It was a really exciting game, and the result was 2-1 to West Germany.He hit that shot poorly, and it found the water, but the result was irrelevant.Her constant cough is the result of many years of smoking.D'you know the result of the Arsenal game?Surveying the results of her handiwork, she stayed only long enough to see him scrabble for the safety of the bank.This criticism can not be applied to the results for 1984-90.Its huge majority was the result of Labour / Lib Dem tactical voting against Tories.More and more people are using cars, with the result that towns are much more polluted.Pleased with the results, Buckingham then asked his former bandmate who he should get to play bass on the album.The results of the attack included two helicopters burnt out, and three groundcrew wounded.The results of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.The results suggest that fertility rates are a function not so much of religion as of education and employment.The results of our accountant's calculations show that we are on the verge of bankruptcy.with the result thatOperators used high-voltage induction coils, with the result that the insulation deteriorated, probably causing the cable's failure.The war intervened with the result that this urgent question was postponed for the time being.Consumer incomes have risen, with the result that more jewelry has been purchased.Large wheatfields have few earthworms for baby starlings, with the result that many starve.This will prevent the seam from tightening up with the result that it could be shorter than the surrounding fabric.positive/negative/inconclusive resultsThere have been inconclusive results from school-based clinic programs that provide contraception without a broader educational backdrop.Exfoliative cytology was negative in all 15 patients with benign disease resulting in no false positive results and a specificity of 100%.Get advice from your clinic about early intervention treatment options and support for people who have positive results.Among numerous negative results he found some quite simple compounds, aldehydes and fatty acids, which stimulated oxygen uptake.As they began to see the bad effects of their own waywardness, they also could see positive results of change.Comparison with and without adjustment for smoking gave similarly negative results.Tests, tests, and more tests. Negative results.Experts in the United States later said that positive results on such tests could result from other sources. exam resultsClass composition and exam results are monitored.David had appalling exam results at school despite his obvious intelligence because of his inner battles.Users tended to be children with low expectations of good exam results and generally low esteem.And a system in which everybody has total faith in exam results.But there is no substitute for a visit, and a request to see evidence of previous exam results.Worshippers come by bus or car to pray to their ancestors, or perhaps for their children's exam results.She says many things other than exam results make a good school.It would be fair to claim that the exam results in Classics are very good.For best resultsBe prepared For best results, do take time to prepare surfaces properly you plan to paint or paper.
resultresult2 ●●○ W2 verb [intransitive] RESULTif something results from something else, it is caused by itresult from We are still dealing with problems resulting from errors made in the past. How would you cope with unemployment and the resulting loss of income? result in something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
resultMany of these were accepted during compromise negotiations, resulting in tighter regulations than originally proposed.The 1980 election results devastated feminists and progressives across the nation.In the past year there have been at least eight deaths in custody which are believed to have resulted from torture.Polgar resolved to do the same, although for years it resulted in severe poverty.Mr Lamont said a freeze in bills last year would have resulted in substantial increases for many businesses this year.Imagine the mosaic of development that might have resulted to serve the visitors and draw even more.result fromKarlin's novels resulted from his experience in the Vietnam War.
resultresult3 interjection informal Result!Result!Result! informalsaid when you have just done something successfully resultOrigin result2 (1400-1500) Latin resultare to jump back, result, from saltare to jump