Word family noun restriction adjective restrictedunrestircted restrictive verb restrict
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestrictionre‧stric‧tion /rɪˈstrɪkʃən/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun 1 [countable]RULE/REGULATION a rule or law that limits or controls what people can dorestriction on restrictions on immigration a 50 mph speed restrictiontrade/travel restrictionsimpose/place restrictions on something The law imposed new financial restrictions on private companies.strict/tough/tight restriction tougher restrictions on alcohol advertisinglift/remove a restriction Restrictions on trade were lifted.see thesaurus at rule2 [uncountable]LIMIT when you restrict the size, amount, or range of somethingCOLLOCATIONSverbsput/place restrictions on somethingThe authorities placed strict restrictions on diamond exports.impose restrictions formal (=put restrictions on something)Some countries have imposed restrictions on advertising aimed at children.introduce restrictionsNine other states now plan to introduce similar restrictions.lift/remove restrictionsHe promised to lift restrictions on press freedom.tighten restrictions (=make them stricter)The government recently tightened restrictions on police use of firearms.relax/ease restrictions (=make them less strict)There are restrictions on travel to Cuba by American citizens.a restriction applies to somebody/somethingThese travel restrictions don’t apply to tourists.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + restrictionssevere/strict restrictionsThe regime had put severe restrictions upon the media.tough restrictions (=strict)He called for tougher restrictions on contributions to political parties.petty restrictions (=that seem unreasonable and unnecessary)The removal of petty restrictions has made it much easier to do business.speed restrictionsDrivers are ignoring speed age restrictionEmployers can no longer place age restrictions on restrictions (=on the sale of goods between countries)Trade restrictions between the islands were removed.import/export restrictions (=trade restrictions)Import restrictions on manufactured goods have been restrictionsThe Home Secretary placed travel restrictions on supporters with convictions for violence.planning restrictions (=legal restrictions on what buildings can be built somewhere)There are government proposals to relax planning restrictions on green belt areas around cities.parking restrictionsAre there parking restrictions in the city centre?
Examples from the Corpus
restrictionThe Act is a mass of technical paperwork and restriction.There are restrictions on what you can bring into the country. Alcohol, for example, is totally forbidden.Registered companies are exempted from all taxes on approved activities, and no currency or exchange restrictions are imposed.But no journey restrictions will be lifted completely, and all journey times will take longer than normal.For a while they tried using price restrictions as a way of controlling inflation.Most lived under severe restrictions, but some dealt with their neighbors on a near-equal basis.It is modern technology all wrapped up without the cable to trip over, and the restriction of power point locations.Farming policy in Cumbria was greatly influenced by the heavy rainfall and the restrictions imposed by the National Park Regulations.The restrictions on trading are designed to limit the potential impact of the options market on the stock market.The restrictions imposed by the censors make objective reporting of news impossible.Congress voted to lift trade restrictions against Iran.lift/remove a restrictionPay for all medical care with after-tax dollars. Remove restrictions on insurers and let people buy for themselves inexpensive insurance.Some countries have lifted restrictions on nationality and now allow local nationals to set up in the zones.The accent was on lifting restrictions on individual liberty.But Clinton said he vetoed that bill, partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds.The first will aim to remove restrictions on where the funds can invest, and who can manage them.The unions were challenged to lift restrictions on radios, the movement of staff between stations and the carrying of seriously-ill patients.The climate of deregulation made it necessary to remove restrictions on the ability of building societies to compete in financial markets.Among them is one that would lift restrictions on the voting rights of shares.
From King Business Dictionaryrestrictionre‧stric‧tion /rɪˈstrɪkʃən/ noun [countable] an official rule that limits or controls what people can do or what is allowed to happenConstruction lending has been badly hit by restrictions on loans.It plans to relax the toughimport restrictions it imposed in March.US trade restrictions