Word family noun rest unrest restlessness adjective restless rested restful verb rest adverb restlessly restfully
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restrest1 /rest/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 relaxing [countable, uncountable]REST a period of time when you are not doing anything tiring and you can relax or sleep You look exhausted! Why don’t you take a rest?2 the rest3 put/set somebody’s mind at rest4 come to rest5 give it a rest6 give something a rest7 at rest8 and all the rest of it9 and the rest10 lay/put something to rest11 lay somebody to rest12 music [countable] a) APMa period of silence of a particular length in a piece of music b) APMa written sign that shows how long the period of silence should be headrest, footrest, backrest, → and the rest is history at history(10)COLLOCATIONSverbshave/take a restI’m going upstairs to have a rest.get some restYou’d better get some rest if you’re driving back tonight.deserve a restI think we deserve a rest after all that hard work.adjectivesa well-earned/well-deserved rest (=a rest after working hard)Our players are taking a well-earned rest before the start of the new season.a complete restThe doctor had advised a complete rest for a fortnight.a little/short restHe decided to stop and take a short rest.a long restWhat I need is a nice long rest.a good rest (=a complete rest that relaxes you)I’m sure you need a good + NOUNa rest day/periodThe crew had a three hour rest period before their next flight.
Examples from the Corpus
restTry and give your ankle a rest so it will heal better.By the fourth day, we were all in need of a rest.Is it present with the limb at rest or mainly on movement?He eats a lot of junk food, and he doesn't get enough rest.Make sure you have a good rest this weekend.They decided to stop driving and take a short rest.In the lounge Lord Beddington was taking a short rest after the exigencies of luncheon.One hour later, the circuit breakers shut down the markets for the rest of the day.He was fully responsible for the rest of his life.Performances have been added throughout the rest of the month.It almost went out with the rest of the junk mail.The rest of this chapter relies extensively upon the research the writer undertook in 1986 and 87.
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restrest2 ●●● S3 W3 verb 1 relax [intransitive]REST to stop working or doing an activity for a time and sit down or lie down to relax If you’re tired, we’ll stop and rest for a while.2 support something [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]SUPPORT/HOLD UP to support an object or part of your body by putting it on or against something, or to be supported in this wayleanrest (something) against/on something Rest your head on my shoulder. Brassard rested his elbows on the table and leaned forward. Their bikes were resting against the wall.3 rest your feet/legs/eyes etc4 let the matter rest5 rest assured (that)6 somebody will not rest until ...7 dead personMXDEAD [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] literary if a dead person rests somewhere, they are buried there My mother rests beside my father in the family graveyard.somebody’s last/final resting place (=the place where someone is buried)rest in peace (=often written on a grave)8 rest on your laurels9 I rest my case10 rest easyTHESAURUSrest to stop working or stop being active, and sit down or lie down so that you become less tiredIf you’re tired, we’ll stop and rest for a while.The doctor told me to take some time off work and try to rest.take a rest (also have a rest especially British English) to stop what you are doing for a period of time so that you can relaxMurray will now take a rest before the competition next month.There was a TV in the hotel room, and sometimes I escaped up there to have a rest.A spokesman said that the Senator needed to take a rest from the campaign activity.take a break (also have a break especially British English) to stop what you are doing for a short time, so that you can rest or do something else – often used about stopping a meeting, class etc for a short timeIs it all right if we have a short break at about 10:30?I spoke to the actor as he was taking a break from rehearsals.Let’s take a break now for coffee.take it easy (also take things easy) to do things gently and with less effort than usual, in order to avoid becoming worried or tired, especially because you are not feeling strong or healthyAfter the operation, she decided to take things easy for a month or two.I thought I’d take it easy tonight.put your feet up informal to rest for a short time after a tiring activity, especially by sitting with your feet resting on somethingKate poured herself a drink and put her feet up.When you’re pregnant and doing a full-time job, you must find time to put your feet up.chill/chill out informal to spend time relaxing and doing things that do not need a lot of effort – used by young peopleWe chilled out in front of the TV with a couple of beers.I like chilling with the guys and playing pool or watching movies. rest on/upon something rest with somebody
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Examples from the Corpus
restThe doctor told me to take some time off work and try to rest.Even in its blackness, the sky did not rest.I rested against a wall for a minute in order to tie up my shoe laces.We stopped and rested for a while at the top of the hill.Her head rested gently on his shoulder.She slid down in her chair and rested her head on the back of the seat.John rested his head on the back of the car-seat.Resting his spade against the wall, he went to help Michael light the fire.Sometimes I wonder about those three laid to rest in the old garden.Finally, and fatally, it rests on a flawed understanding of the relevant medical facts.Political theory rests on the assumption that these activities are central to the functioning of a democratic society.With the arm resting on the couch the force needed to accelerate the arm is coming from the material of the couch.My head, resting on the tile, was only a few inches from the phone.The wedding platform was made of slats which rested on top of neatly stacked in peaceAshamed of your old man, want the whole gruesome mess to rest in peace?But the pensioners won't let him rest in peace.He hopes to give relatives peace of mind while their loved ones rest in peace.He was buried in Auchinleck kirkyard but, even in death, he was not allowed to rest in peace.So much for the residents being allowed to rest in peace.They need to find the killers of Peter and Gwenda so they can rest in peace.For Tony, that he may rest in peace, and for his family for their strengthening and peace.But resting in peace is not always easy.
From King Business Dictionaryrestrest /rest/ verb rest with somebody→ See Verb tableOrigin rest1 1. (1400-1500) French reste, from rester to remain, from Latin restare2. Old English rest, bed