From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrespectivere‧spec‧tive /rɪˈspektɪv/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun] VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSused before a plural noun to refer to the different things that belong to each separate person or thing mentioned We all went back to our respective homes to wait for news. the respective roles of teachers and students
Examples from the Corpus
respectiveResolution into these parts is necessary in order to find their respective causes.The leaders met to discuss the problems facing their respective countries.So long as he was solvent in law, he could not proportion his payments to creditors according to their respective debts.But it was also recognized that such circumstances called for different strategies within the respective elementary and higher sectors of education.Within it the areas devoted to each will be under the aegis of the respective heads of departments.You know he is my enemy, just as I am his enemy, an enmity determined by our respective natures.Since the respective philosophies involve different methods and aims, the differences in results are quite understandable.If their respective rates are five and ten percent, then the discount rate is 15 percent.Both documents seek to identify the skills and understandings which their respective subjects should seek to achieve at different stages of schooling.