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resourcere‧source1 /rɪˈzɔːs, -ˈsɔːs $ ˈriːsɔːrs/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun 1 land/oil/coal etc [countable usually plural]SG something such as useful land, or minerals such as oil or coal, that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealth Canada’s vast mineral resources a country rich in natural resources2 resources3 resources4 educational [countable]SE something such as a book, film, or picture used by teachers or students to provide information resources for learning a valuable new computer resourceresource room/centre5 practical ability [uncountable] formalCAN the ability to deal with practical problems SYN resourcefulness a man of great resourceCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: something such as useful land, or minerals such as oil or coal, that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealthADJECTIVES/NOUN + resourcenatural resourcesWe support the sustainable use of natural resources.mineral resourcesThis area is rich in mineral resourcesThe country has few energy resources of its own.water resourcesBotswana expressed growing concern over its dwindling water resources.oil resourcesoil resources in the North Seaa renewable resource (=one that replaces itself naturally, or is easily replaced)Trees are a renewable resource.a non-renewable resourceWe should reduce our use of non-renewable resources.a finite resource (=one which is limited in amount, so that it will no longer exist if people continue to use it)Crude oil is a finite resource.a national resourceHigh-quality agricultural land is a national resource.verbsuse resourcesModern products use fewer natural resources.exploit resourcesHe exploited the mineral resources which he found under his lands.tap resources (=take them from an area)Several nations are eager to tap the mineral resources in Antarctica.phrasesbe rich in resourcesSwaziland is rich in natural resources. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: verbshave resourcesDo the police have the resources they need?use resources (also make use of resources)We must use our resources efficiently.waste resourcesWe cannot afford to waste our resources on fighting each other.allocate resources (=give them to a particular person, organization etc)I spoke to the official who was in charge of allocating the funds.pool your resources (=put together the resources that each of you have)They decided to pool their resources and buy a business together.adjectivesfinancial/economic resourcesLack of financial resources can result in homelessness.material resourcesMost people lack the material resources to be able to deal with periods of resourcesWe have very limited resources.available resourcesThe aim was to make use of all available resources.
Examples from the Corpus
resourceWhy don't we develop a resources network among our graduates?The police used every available resource to track down the killer.important educational resourcesThe Coconino, at least, has discovered that the public constitutes one of its best enforcement resources.Our people are clearly our key resource.Perhaps purchasers or providers elsewhere would not be prepared to devote the necessary resources to involving service users in this way.But each country will have to look at its own resources and solutions.Capital is not the scarce resource it once was.Making insurance compulsory would - they say - not only free Health Service resources, but guarantee freedom of choice.Try any one of the resources suggested in these chapters.natural resourcesThe physical environment is extremely difficult, and natural resources limited.But can we really afford to take such risks with our limited space and natural resources in Britain?The use of finite natural resources, e.g. coal, oil, must, perhaps, result in ultimate shortages.However, it also questions the practicality of simultaneously lowering the consumption of natural resources and improving quality of life.Those homes were determined by the location of natural resources and the possession of capital.An indignity for the noble halibut and a waste of natural resources.The world is still rich with natural resources that could be reshaped by your creative mind.resource room/centreIn Roswell, a resource room is a classroom for special education students who require part-time special assistance.The Centre maintains a documentary resources centre and has recently set up a national ethnic minority statistical database.Also historical resource centre and family history department.The learning resources centre serves teachers and learners alike.The Institute offers facilities for computer-assisted learning, as well as a self-access centre, library and teachers' resource centre.For instance, most of the materials purchased for the resource rooms are cataloged by the Dewey system.The number of people in the catchment area of the resource centre who now seek residential care has dropped dramatically.
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resourcere‧source2 /rɪˈzɔːs, -ˈsɔːs $ -ˈsɔːrs/ AWL verb [transitive] BFto provide money or other resources for something The program wasn’t adequately resourced.Grammar Resource is usually passive.
Examples from the Corpus
resourceA major focus was the problem of how to resource a strategy for new local services.What moral principles are relevant to resource allocation in the context of the technological imperative?Secondly, the opportunity exists to reassess the rational or political approaches to resource management practice.No one person or department can resource the company's marketing effort.London needs the current establishments of beds, and needs to be able to resource them fully.The answer lies in the inadequacy of current training provision to resource these imminent training requirements.
From King Business Dictionaryresourcere‧source1 /rɪˈzɔːs, -ˈsɔːsˈriːsɔːrs/ noun [countable usually plural]1COMMERCEsomething such as money, property, skill, labour etc that a company has availableWe have the necessaryfinancial resources to respond to these problems.The fall in industrial production will free up resources to create a consumer economy.2ECONOMICSsomething such as oil, land, or natural energy that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealthNamibia has substantial coal resources and diamond deposits.Natural gas is an environmentally cleannatural resource.resourcere‧source2 /rɪˈzɔːs, -ˈsɔːs-ˈsɔːrs/ verb [transitive]FINANCE to provide money or other resources that are needed to do particular workThe program wasn’t adequately resourced.resourcing noun [uncountable]The initiative failed because ofinadequate resourcing.Origin resource (1600-1700) French ressource, from Old French resourdre to rise again, relieve, from Latin resurgere; RESURGENCE